PlayStation 3 Slim: Is it real?

Rumours flood the internet with pictures and information of a slimmed down PS3. But are they telling the truth?

Here is the first image of a PS3 slim;

It looks as though its been PhotoShop-ped and fake.

Here is the newest image which might have been leaked;

This one looks real, but how real? Its like someone has it…

Sony normally slims down all their consoles. They changed the shape of the PS1 a few times, slimmed down the PSP and also the PS2. But what about the PS3?

Pictures of a PS3 slim have supposidly been leaked from Sony but Sony have denied everything. Sony also have some “big news” planned for August or September. Maybe its the PS3 slim. But they didn’t say anything at E3…

Stores in Japan are being cleared. Stocks of current PS3’s are being taken off the shelves.. maybe for a new model of the PS3.. Who knows.

Only Sony knows if there will be a slim PS3. It might have a lower price – easy to sell.

What do you think?

-xMr Funguin

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12 comments on “PlayStation 3 Slim: Is it real?

  1. hmm….but if they do make a playstation 3 slim- that might mean that it culd over-heat easily and if you knock it down it culd break more easily but i know like nothing about gaming systems & stuff 😛

  2. I would say the PS3 Slim is expected to come out sometime. There was a slim version of every PlayStation and the PlayStation Portable. I don’t think it would be out this soon, because they recently came out with a new model/version.

  3. I found out that there is now a PS# Slim for sure. It was officially announced by Sony (on August 18th, the day of my last comment lol). It’s $299. 🙂

  4. I just received my PS3 Slim today – I am also a current owner of a PS3 60gb version with hardware backward compatibility to the PS2.

    My initial thought is that the new PS3 Slim is fantastic – nice and small, certainly about 50% quieter than my original PS3, and everything works as it should. Just make sure you get a remote control if you will be using it a lot for movies, as the standard controller is not as form friendly.

    I am not a major gamer, so I will mostly use the unit to watch movies (Blu-rays 95% of the time) and also access my music, photo, and video collection I have stored on my PC. You can’t do that with a standalone Blu-ray player.

    In addition, for a small $[…] cost (actually now it is $[…] until August 31st if you use coupon code AUG10OFF) you can install PlayOn software on your PC and then stream Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ESPN, and more to your PS3. It works great and makes the PS3 the best media solution regardless if you play games on it or not. The wireless works flawlessly (I have everything else in the house hardwired to ethernet thru routers/switches) even for streaming video with PlayOn.

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