Important News


Its time I told you that important news I was going on about a few weeks ago.

I’ll be going abroad, on holiday, from the 16th of August until the 12th of September.

Whilst i’m gone, I won’t be able to make a post on this blog.

I will also set to do automatic posts for me. (You’ll see what I mean, when you see that for yourself.)

This might be my last post for now – but I will keep you updated via Twitter.

Cya when I get back



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22 comments on “Important News

  1. FYI…. Gung Ho [Gung He]

    This unofficial motto of the US Marine Corps is an abbreviation for the Mandarin Gongye Hezhoushe, or industrial cooperative. The term was used in China, starting in 1938, to refer to small, industrial operations that were being established in rural China to replace the industrial centers that had been captured by the Japanese. The phrase was clipped to the initial characters of the two words, gung ho (or gung he, as it would be transliterated today), which means “work together.” This clipping became a slogan for the industrial cooperative movement.

    Enter Lt. Col. Evans Carlson, US Marine Corps. Carlson was a military attache in the US embassy to China in the late-30s. In China, Carlson reported on both the operations of the Chinese army in the field as well as the country’s industrial capacity and was favorably impressed by the industrial cooperatives. When he returned to the States and the US entered WWII, Carlson was appointed commander of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion. Recalling his time in China, Carlson chose gung ho as the motto for his elite battalion and by late 1942 was widely adopted throughout the Marine Corps as an expression of spirit and “can do” attitude.

    So the term “Gung Ho” now becomes a slang term meaning “Can Do.”


    I told you I knew my combat terms! 😆

  2. New York New York…. want to hear me sing it? Awesome. I will send a limo to pick you up. Let us know what all you did there.

    O … you have to go to the theater while there. Broadway… It is awesome!

  3. Got some reading material for the plane? Got gum to chew on take off. I have to chew during take off. My ear almost broke once. Got your wii, your laptop, your toothbrush, your camera, your phone (I may call you), your walking shoes, MONEY!!!( correct currency), passport, I.D. in case you get lost and mum goes nuts looking for you, sun glasses, rain gear, and iPod? If I think of anything else, I will get back to you ASAP. 😛

  4. PS3 Slim for $300 in K-Mart, Sears Ads?
    Matt Peckham

    Aug 18, 2009 8:36 am

    Here comes Sony Claus, right down Sears and K-Mart lanes with a couple of ads confirming the long rumored PS3 Slim and for just $300. Photoshop tricks? Not this time. The folks at Engadget have links to the ads in questions, and given the legit hostnames, they’re almost surely the real deal.

    The K-Mart ad reads “The Rumors Are Reality, New Low Price & A New Exciting PlayStation 3.” An item shot lists “Sony PS3, Slim Presell 2, Sold by Kmart, item #018W014436760001, Mfr. Model #PS3” for $299.99. In the kit? According to Engadget: Blu-ray, a 120GB hard drive, a DualShock 3 gamepad, and HDMI support. Release date? August 24, 2009, or next Monday, the first day of the week following Gamescom 2009.

    Have a look for yourself: The Sears link

    I’d call the Slim’s existence, $300 price point, and long rumored reveal at tonight’s Sony GDC Europe 2009 conference a virtual slam dunk, wouldn’t you?

    Question is, does a $100 markdown on a cuter iteration of the PS3 get you off the fence (in droves) or not?

    Check out for even more game-related news and opinion.

    Did I tell ya it was real?! : )

  5. It is a beautiful day in the hood. How is it in New York xMr.F ? Have you been mugged yet? I keep reading the New York Tmes to see if there might be some news on your vacation there. Nada. Well no news is good news they say! 😉

    • Hey xMr.F…. I saw your tweet. Yes I told ya about the slim being a real thing some time ago. Yes I did. : )

      Gald to see they haven’t mugged you or anything like that.

  6. 9/11 Silence…… How was it today in New York xMr. F. They had some amazing tributes I see on CNN. I thought I saw you once … in the huge crowd right around Ground 0.

    Welcome home …. : )

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