PS3 Slim – It’s.. Nothing new?


So we all knew or know that the PS3 hit the Market on the 1st of September at a lower price of £249.

It does the same thing as the PS3 ‘Phat’. 

It inclues only 1 new feature called ‘BRAVIA Sync’ . That means if you have your PS3 Slim connected to a BRAVIA TV, an turn it off, it will automatically turn off your PS3 Slim too!

Its the only thing that the PS3 Phat can’t do. Everything else new the PS3 Slim has, was added to the PS3 Phat through a firmware upate. Its a great upate and it added a few new things.

There really is no point buying the PS3 Slim if you already own a functioning PS3 Phat.

Watch this video for a better understanding;

– Mr Fun

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3 comments on “PS3 Slim – It’s.. Nothing new?

  1. hey mr fun! you know how you said you wuit your other blog? well you know that now that you quit its probobly going to get more hits then ever! and in the side bar it says:

    Hi. I’m Mr Funguin. This is my real lie blog and Its just the perfect place for you to imagine my world. To find out more about me, just click the ‘Imagine’ page. Catch-ya Later!!

    i think when you said “lie” you meant life lol

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