Do birds have Ears?

Hey guys,

The other dy, I noticed something I’m embarraced to say I’ve never noticed before. Birds don’t have ears.

“Interesting” I thought. But wait a miute. If birds don’t have ears, why do they chirp all day? It didn’t make sense.

I was relieved to ‘hear’ that I wasn’t the only person to think birds are ear-less. I did some reasearch on the inter-webs and found several sites that explain how birds hear.

Backyard Nature hosts an excellent article on the subject. The truth is that birds do have ears, they’re just not very easy to find and see!

Bird ears are covered with feathers. Once those feathers are spread apart, you can see that the ear hole is nearly as large as the bird’s eye. The author says that feathers cover the ears to drown out wind noise.

So, mystery solved–birds have ears. But that brings up another interesting question–how can birds perch on power lines and not get electrocuted?

What do you think?

– Mr Fun

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9 comments on “Do birds have Ears?

  1. I’ve thought about that before! And that’s so amazing how each animal has certain features, such as a bird’s feathers covering its ears to drown out wind noises, that help it survive in its environment. It’s like each animal was made with lots of thinking and time. Great post!


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  3. I’m a teacher. I’ll ask our science teacher at school about birds on wires and get back to you. In fact, I might even post it on my own website. Do you mind? I run a teen advice column, where I answer teens’ questions about life, love, friendship, etc…

    Why not answer a question about birds?

    A while ago, I did a post about funky links. There was one link called birdwalk that you might get a kick out of. Check it out. Just click on the link called “birdwalk” in my post. At first it seems kind of scientific and boring, but if you watch the video longer, the bird dances like Michael Jackson. It’s pretty hilarious. Here’s the URL for that particular post:

  4. i know but theres no use of it when its not used!!!

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