Graphics – My P.O.S

Last year, in school, we were able to pick 2 subjects that we wanted to take a 2 year course in.

I picked Graphics!

Graphics is really fun. Last year we were given a sheet of paper with about 6 tasks on it. If I remember correctly, the tasks were;

  • Task 1: Create a P.O.S for an exsisting video game
  • Create perfume packaging
  • Create a toy which will help children with their learning (Primary)
  • (I don’t remember the other tasks)

Being a gamer, I chose the first task.

– To create a P.O.S (Point of Sale Display) for a video game.

You (Well actually need to make up a video game or choose an exsisting video game and make an advertisment for it. It needs to be eye catchy and attract your target market (e.g; Teens, Adults, Toddlers etc.).The advertisment isn’t a poster. It’s got to be a box…

The whole product will sit at cash tils – where customers are more likely to pass ( or need to pass!) and so it catches their attention.

We have done alot of research including a questionnaire, internet research and looking though books. We’re nearly ready to make a prototype and the actual product.


I have chosen the game “LittleBIGPlanet” for the PS3 to make my P.O.S about. Here is my diagram of what my product should looks like!

Click the image to enlarge;

My colouring isn't this bad! It doesn't show up right in this picture... Thats all...

My colouring isn’t this bad! It doesn’t show up right in this picture… Thats all…

What do you think of my drawing/work?

As I get closer to making the product, I’ll show you more pictures and scans of my work.

Hope you enjoyed reading – Visit again soon!!!

– xMr Fun.

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4 comments on “Graphics – My P.O.S

  1. Cool. Sounds like fun. –
    I’m in a class sorta like that, but we have to basically learn about everything to know about computers before we do graphics. Plus, I already know all the stuff, so the class is an easy ‘A+’

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