Review: PlayStationPortable GO!


This is a review on the just released PSP Go!

The PSP Go is the fourth model of the PSP. It was announced in June at the E3 Conference.

It has a fresh new look and its very shiny. Maybe they didn’t make the PS3 Slim glossy so they could use the gloss on the PSP Go? Lol!

The PSP Go! doesn’t have a UMD Drive. Serves you right for complaining “UMDS are a bad idea Sony!”. Well now they’re gone 😦

If you want to play games on the PSP Go, you will need to buy and download them from the PlayStationStore.

Downloading full games from the PlayStation Store is a time consuming process…It takes about 15 – 30 minutes to download a full game. Oh, and you need a PlayStationNetwork ID and a Credit Card (parents permission)

Its good and bad that they got rid of the drive. Here’s why;

It makes the Unit Slimmer – lower manufacturing costs – cheaper for you to buy
It means you have to buy all your games again and you might have a bigger bill to pay when its time.

But its NOT all negative about the PSP Go. The Sony Ericsson crafted sliding feature makes the PSP more compact. It also means buttons aren’t accidently pressed.

When the slider is closed, it looks really cool when watching movies!

The PSP Go is alot lighter and slimmer than its predesessor – the PSP 3000.

Sony did say that the PSP GO is for the person with the digital lifestyle. For people who enjoy music and video on the “go”. I guess thats why they minus-ed the UMD Drive.

BUT! The PSP Go does NOT replace the PSP 3000. – Which is always great news.


No. The PSP Go uses the exact same OS and is just the same as the 3000 model. It just has a newer look. But if you like new gadgets and keeping up with tech, then go ahead!

Find out more about the PSP Go here.

– xMr Fun




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