What I’ve been up to; 09/10/09


It’s been a while since i’ve done a post like this.

I’ve been quite busy with school lately. We were given a 20 page essay to complete. It was due in this Friday! But I spread parts out throughout the week and it made the whole thing a breeze.

My Graphics teacher was selling stationary kits this week (and until December) for £2.50. It includes a sharpener, eraser, ruler, protractor, set square, compass and a set of colouring pencils. Along with a plastic pencil case. I thought it would be great, so I bought a kit. The word “kit” makes the whole thing sound like it’s something big and interesting LOL.

Oh, and have you guys tried Minstrels by Galaxy?

They are awesome. I put a couple in my backpack for lunch (lol)

The internet is full of American English and I have now started to speak like an American. For example, above I said “backpack” instead of “school bag”…

Anyway, just a quick update on what i’ve been doing.

Come again soon – Don’t forget to tell your friends about my new site!!!!

– xMr Funguin

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