Imagine a World where pets are easy to look after…


I don’t own any pets. I have fish, but I don’t think you would call them a pet – I mean, do you see anyone walking fish? 😆

Anyway, I’ve always wanted a pet that would not make much of a mess, eat mess-free and a pet that doesn’t need alot of looking after. It would be awesome if pets could do tricks without being taught how to do them!

Now don’t get me wrong! I love pets. Cats are my favourite. I think it’s easy to look after cats and to care for it. My uncle has a gorgeous cat. For years many of us have been trying to Imagine a World where pets are easy to look after – without the hard parts of taking it for walks, cleaning up after it’s accidents, and cleaning its fur.

Well Sony has a solution to this. They’re bringing out a game for the PlayStation 3 called “EyePet”.

EyePet is exclusive to the PS3 and it’s a video game. It puts a virtual pet into your world.

You use a motion tracking camera to play with your virtual pet. It’s a camera designed for the PS3, called the PlayStationEye. It looks like this;

You can not play EyePet without this camera. It would be impossible. The camera is the only thing you need to control the game! No controllers. Well just a bit.

With this camera, you are also going to need the EyePet software disc. This can be bought seperate from the camera or with the camera in a bundle. (works out cheaper this way).

Meet … what’s his name –

He’s your new family member. You can give him a name, give him new looks, play with his fur, and give it a virtual shower.

It’s like looking after a Club Penguin Puffle but you are more interactive with the pet.

I really like Sony’s concept of the game – play with a virtual pet, in your world. Here is a trailer to EyePet;

Music used in the video: Tommy Sparks : She’s got me dancin’

EyePet is currently available to PreOrder and will be released from 23rd October 2009.

I have already preordered it! I can’t wait. It’s just one week away before it’s released.

– xMr Fun



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