Windows 7 Launches!


As promised, I am going to keep you up to date with Microsoft’s next O.S.

The most anticipated launch of Windows 7 has finally arrived.

Windows 7 has past the RTM stage and is now available to buy!

Some people may agree with me when I say this.

“Windows 7 should have been Windows Vista.” But come to think of it, the name “Windows 7” wouldn’t suit Vista.

In a previous post, I went through the new features in Windows 7. You can read this post by clicking here.

Windows 7 Home Premium retails for £149.99 here in the UK. But, if you buy a new laptop/computer before January 2010 you can get Windows 7 for free. Well, not entirely free – you need to pay for the postage 😳

I got a new laptop (because my old one kept playing up, and it was cheaper to buy a new one than to fix it) and now I await Windows 7 to fly through my door!

I’ll use Windows 7 FR and keep you posted.

Did you test Windows 7 RC/Beta? What did you think of it?

– xMr Funguin.

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5 comments on “Windows 7 Launches!

  1. I haven’t tested it. Once I get a part-time job [I’ll be legal working age in February 2010 haha] I’m going to save up for a macbook because they are really user friendly.

    And by Windows 7 should have been Vista, do you mean that Vista should never have been released?

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