Have you seen this man?

You know how you dream of something one night, then you tell your friends what you dreamt of… then maybe your friend has had a simular dream too?

Well, a picture of a man seems to be on everyone’s mind at night.


Thisman.org shows the face (left) claiming that a psychiatrist’s patient had drawn the man who was featuring regularly in her dreams. A few days later another patient saw the drawing and also claimed to have seen the face in his dreams.

Coincidence or just a sign/message from God? Well it might just be a hoax.

What ever it is, it’s quite funny!

Check out this poster that I found funny!


And don’t forget to visit: www.ThisMan.org for more information!

-xMr Funguin


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13 comments on “Have you seen this man?

  1. Hi! I am Dr Dipak Pramanik,a retired consulting horticulturist andlandscape designer.
    Going through the website about thisman and noting a few specific dreams about thisman, I became interested in opening my own website-www.mydivinedreams.com where Iam going to include lots of informations about this phenomenon which already started in our country in the early part of 20th century encircling a Holy man known asdiamond who used to appear in dreams when he was 7years old. He was born in 1897 in Howrah town adjacent to calcutta. Though he passed away in 1967, still innumerable people are seeing him in dreams and strangely in flesh and blood.
    All these incidents, including my own dreams numbering 700 are being published in my website at regular intervals. Going through this website the mystery will be exposed to everybody about dreaming thisman and his actions on humanity.

    (Extracts from ‘Religion and Realization written by Diamond picked up in the street)

    Who is this man?Yes, he is a marked man. This mark has been given to him by the Supreme One from within.
    This very mark reveals the meaning, experiences and proof of the Vedic aphorism’He attains this Supreme One, in whom the Supreme One from within the body expresses Himself. It means the spontaneous expression of the Supreme One from within. …
    According to Vedas, the proof of the attainment of this Brahmahood(Supreme One) will be corroborated by the appearance in the very form made of the light of God of the attainer in the innumerable people. The attainer himself will also see almost all within himself, whosoever will come in contact with him.
    TThe attainer of the Brahmahood clarifies and bears proof of the aphorism-‘ One is All and All is One’- Pantheism.
    The translation of the Vedic stanza is this- Thousands will see Him within themselves and He shall see thousands within Him. This is the peculiar characteristic of the ‘Parama Brahma’ and nothing else.
    This is the most mysterious feature of the miracle as it is nothing but the most unsurmountable miracle for one man to be seen by myriads of man as long as he lives.
    Now the question of solving the mystery and bringing out its nature in the day-light is left to the scientists.
    Every human being has got an innate Brahmahood within him. Sometimes this Brahmahood unfolds itself, bears its proof(by appearing within myriads of people). And the Truth is perennial one, as spoken in the Vedas.

  3. My weekly comments

    About divine dreams

    Both Chandogya and Brihadarankya upanishads have dealt with divine dreams. They are of opinion that realisations and manifestations of God in dreams are purer and finer than in an awakened condition of the body. …
    Somehow or other, to see God and to realise His sportive forms in dreams was a lost chapter. Sri Ramkrishna again has given life to it in the 19th century and established it. …
    There are four states of life, viz: (1) waking, (2)dreams,(3) profound sleep or susupti and(4) Turiya or Supreme conscious existence. There are different realisations of God’s sportive forms in the body.
    There are some lucky fellows who see God in all these four states of life.Some see in three states: Waking, dreams and profound sleep. There are some who see God in the two conditions: Waking and dreams. Some again see God and HHis sportive forms in dreams only.
    In dreams, they get their body purified, their thinking and feeling purified, they get their God-the-Preceptor, they see God’s Light, they get themselves transformed intoGod and finally they see the descent of God assuming the form of a man in them. But all these happenings come to pass through sheer grace of God.
    The era of Sri Ramkrishna reveals that a man may see all the sportive forms of God and God with all the attributes in dreams and this is the first occurence of its kind in the annals of the world.(Exerpts from ‘Religion and Realization’by Diamond picked up in the street)


    Prafulla Das(Howrah, West Bengal, India)

    This incident happened one day in the year 1975. I had frequent conversations on Diamond with a friend of mine. One day, while I was going to one devotee’s house for reading ‘Religion and Realisation’ and ‘Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’, I met my friend on the road. He said to me,’ you know, I met Diamond on my way here’. I got surprised and asked him,’ What are you saying!’ He said,’ yes, I had a long conversation with him. He was holding a can in his hand and he wore a dhoti and punjabi(Bengali national dress)’. I told him,’ I never told you that he expired in 1967.’ He became speechless and kept looking at me with mere astonishment.(From my magazine)


    (I have seen Diamond in dream after reading book on him)
    Anup kumar Pramanik,Krishnagar, Nadia,West Bengal,India

    Once upon a time I used to dream that I was flying like a bird getting great enjoyment.Later on I came in contact with a friend Debojyoti Mondal, son of Dhiren Mondal who used to go to Diamond for a long period . Debojyoti gave me a magazine on Diamond. I began to read it regularly. Gradually I came to understand what is the inner meaning of ‘Flying’- It means transformation into astral body.
    My first dream runs thus: I was walking on a road at Krishnanagar city of West Bengal state. Suddenly I saw near my sister’s house an old man, complacent looking wearing dhoti and punjabi(Bengali dress) and having beard, short-cut hair, slightly tall stature. I have never seen him in my real life. He called me by waving his hand and after blessing hugged me and just at this moment my dream went off.
    After a few days I narrated this dream to Debojyoti and later on he showed me the picture of an old man lying on death-bed with flower garlands having beard and short hair-cutting. Instantly I could recognize him as seen in my dream and knew he was known as Jibankrishna or Diamond. I was speechless with surprise and joy.
    After this dream I am having divine dreams with a great mental changa. I always feel peace and divine joy in mind now and gradually realise that He is God Himself thus appearing in dreams among innumerable people.


    I saw Diamond in dream after reading books about him
    Anima Chatterjee,Howrah, West Bengal, India

    I met Prabal Dutta, son of Patit Paban Dutta, a regular goer to Diamond in his life time. After a few conversation on Diamond he gave me some books ‘Beyond Upanishad’,’He Mahajiban’ and some old issues of the Bengali magazine’Manikya’ on Diamond. For a few days I read these books and suddenly one day, I saw a dream, though I couldn’t remember the date or year. I saw in my dream, ‘a photo of Diamond was hanging against the south facing wall of my bedroom with a sentence written beneath the photo,’MAN IS THE ETERNAL TRUTH’. Then suddenly I saw his another photo in a posture of meditation came out of the existing photo and got fixed against the north facing wall opposite to my feet. Immediately after that I saw Swami Vivekananda with a turban and a red ochred cloth standing on the floor. He then patted me from foot to head and went away. I also followed him. At that moment while standing near the meter room, I saw Diamond placing his right hand on my head and here my dream went off. Thus I got Diamond as my God-the-Preceptor and series of divine dreams began to appear within me gradually.(From my Bengali magazine)


    Patit Paban Dutta, Howrah, West Bengal, India

    In the year 1975, we shifted to our newly built house from Salkia to Shibpur at Howrah. The house was not yet completed. Some portions were under construction. One day one of the masson told me,’you know, to-day one gentleman came here. After surveying everything he told that the house was constructed nicely.’ I ignored it. But after 3-4 days I thought something and decided that I should show Diamond’s photo to the mason and accordingly one afternoon I showed the photo to the mason and asked,’Is this the gentleman who came to you’? He at once said,’Yes, yes, he was the man who came to me that day.’ I told him nothing but thought that the mason got the grace of God without his knowledge[Diamond expired in 1967].
    ( Translated from my Bengali magazine)

  8. This man Diamond the Immortal Soul who appears after death in dreams and reality

    1) Banabithi Biswas is a 7years old granddaughter of Mr Arun Purakayastha who was a regular companion of Diamond. she lives in Kota of Rajasthan,India.One day she told her mother,’Mom,I saw an old grandfather in my dream.’ Being asked by her mother she told,’I am dreaming a rainbow in the sky and saw him sitting with folded hands inside that rainbow.’
    Afterwards her mother showed her the photo of Diamond and Banabithi said,’yes, I have seen him in my dream.’
    The most remarkable thing is that she knew nothing about Diamond .

    2) Ritam Roy,a 6years old boy resides at Madhyamgram,24Parganas(N) of West Bengal State, India.He never knew anything about Diamond.One day he dreamt that he was playing under a Murraya plant on their portico. Suddenly he saw an old man with fair complexion, wearing a dhoti. He had short-cut hair and beard. He told Ritam,’are you playing? You are a very good boy.’ Saying this he patted on Ritam’s head. Then he woke up. Later on when he was shown the photo of Diamond,he immediately recognized him to be the same person seen in his dream.

  9. This man Diamond-The Immortal Soul who appears in dreams and reality after his death

    1) This dream occurred with Amarendra Nath Sasmal, Dumdum, Kolkata.
    He has been composing and printing my Bengali magazine for a long time. Whenever he goes to compose, seeing the dreams of different people he grows a feeling of repentance why he does not see such dreams.
    In the meantime due to his bad work for 117th issue he was going to be terminated from his contact.
    It was 6th April,1998, being worried he went to bed at night and had a dream. Diamond had come to him along with Lord Krishna and Shiva. Diamond told him,’ What you are doing, carry on. See only so that the work is of good quality.’ The dream went off. Waking up in the morning he felt a great joy in mind after seeing Diamond in dream.

  10. Dear Dr Dipak Pramanik,

    Please, please, please stop. I appreciate you are writing all this intersting stuff, but it’s kinda spamming us all. You can keep commenting, I’m not stopping you, but I’m just saying 🙂

    Your friendly friendly friend Oilersmyth

  11. I think what we have here is a classic case of blogger automatic comment. xMr.F went on this dude’s site. Copied a post off that site, and it now has a track back to here. xMrF needs to block all incoming or it is just an automatic comment to this post. xMrF should make sure that when he steps in “crap” he should make sure he wipes his shoes!!!! XD!

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