Dear Sony.

I’m sure you’ve heard of that great big ol’ company called Sony, but I bet you havn’t been through customer support like this one! Here’s my story. Its quite interesting actually.

So, as you know, I have been waiting for my Windows 7 upgrade kit for about 3 weeks. It was coming from Sony and not directly from Microsoft.

It finally arrived yesterday, but it was the wrong disc. I don’t know which knob they put in charge, but there you go. The disc I was sent was to analyse your computer – and thats all. It doesn’t install Windows or anything. Its as useless as a brick! lol

There was nothing I could do with it, so I called up Sony VAIO Link and after a 5 minute hold, I got through to a gentleman. He listened to my problem which was quite a long explanation – he said I have the wrong number and he gave a number – claiming it is the right one.

So I call this number up. After another short hold, I got through another gentleman and he sounded American. I told him that I was told to call this number instead and then I explained my problem to him. He said I was through to the right person/company, but he couldn’t arrange a exchange. Once again, this gentleman told me I am through to the wrong deptartment and I should call Microsoft – because maybe something is wrong on their side.

Sony CustomerHelpLine closes at 6PM and it was rapidly reaching 6PM.

I called Microsoft and they said that the management of sending out the Windows 7 discs are not in their hands as they have distrubuted them to vendors already. They advised me call Sony again and ask them for the right number.

I did this and I got another number. This time I got through to a woman and she sounded polite. She knew what I was talking about and she was ready to help. She put me on hold while she contacted managment and after a 2 minute hold , she returned. She told me she would give me a number to Sony’s Windows 7 helpline.

Once more, I rang this 2 more new numbers. I got through a gentleman and he said this was wrong the number AGAIN and he would transfer me himself. I was glad to accept the transfer as I was getting tired pushing numbers! I got through to a Woman and she understood the problem quickly.

I am now having the correct discs sent out while I must return the useless/brick disc.


So many numbers for 1 problem. It was riduculous!

I hate customer support like this. PlayStation has support like this also. It’s horrible customer support. But not every helpline is terrible! Just Sony’s.

Last note, From the woman, I also got the email to the head of department of Customer Care at sony. I sent them this email. I spoke the truth and nothing but the truth;

Sony - Like to be different for sure!

Now I see why Sony’s tagline is “Like.No.Other.” It’s because they really are like no other. They have to be different, with bad customer support.

Timeframe: Close to 50 Minutes. Put it this way, Sony’s customer support closed when I was done with them 😉

But dont get me wrong! I love Sony products, just the support is rather poor.

Have you had simular bad customer support?

– Mr Fun

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33 comments on “Dear Sony.

  1. I LOVE IT! This could be a commercial!

    She sounded American..LOL! How do we sound?

    Be happy you got a live body. Most customer service numbers now are all voice mail. I goes something like this:

    Please hit one for English or 2 for Spanish. And if the little voice inside the box doesn’t understand you, it says… ” I am sorry, I didn’t understand you. Please say again.” Then if you repeat it, you may hear, “would like to try again?” Then if they understand you it will say “please hit one to proceed.”” Then it will say… is your call for customer service, technical support, payment dept”. ….etc. Then you have to hit another number to reach your destination. Then the IDIOTS WILL SAY “all our reps are busy right now” “your phone call will be taken in the order it was recieved”. Then after 15 mins. of elevator music the voice comes on and says ” thank you for your patience, a rep will be with you shortly”. Another 10mins goes by listening to music and if your lucky you don’t hear the next automated voice say… “Our offices have closed for the day.” Please call back during regular business hours.”

    Then you SWEAR!!!!! hahahahahaa

    I have heard some unhappy ppl with Windows 7. Oh I love the commercial…

  2. Hey Oilersmyth… long time no see. How have you been? Isn’t it funny how ppl we don’t know resemble ppl we do know. Must be a shortage in chromosomes in the world. xd!

    • Ah, XMr. F, possibly you didn’t see my very first comment on this page? I have that vid posted. Eyup, it’s like a big elephant in the room. 😆

      Maybe you can’t see it on your PC? 😉 I bet that is it. You can’t see it.

      That is friendly competition. Competition brings out the best in products (and the worst in people.)

      Christmas is close. Watch what new products these companies will have for us under the tree this year. : )

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