I need your help!

Thanks! In the end I chose “LittleBigPlanet”.


Maybe you remember the post I did about what I was doing at school. Well you should do lol.

I have to design a advertisment for an exsisting video game and I don’t know what that game should be!

I was hoping to get some help here. Even if its just a random choice, go for it! Please vote on the poll. I have rounded my choices down to 5 games.

Thanks a bunch!

– xMr Funguin

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6 comments on “I need your help!

  1. naww… you don’t understand… 😉

    The main thing you get marked on is the ACTUAL display. The game is just for show.
    Its about the material you used to make the product, the font you used to promote your chosen game, the colours you used to attract customers etc… The game doesnt have alot to do with it really.

  2. Ah, I see. Know one is going to base their purchase on your advert. Gotcha.

    So if it is graded on visual, this is a horse of a different color (aka colour) .

    Modern Warfare is basically jungle fatigue. Pretty bland.

    Need for Speed;Shift: Seen from the interior of the car… a little more eye candy for color

    Little Big Planet: Eye popping animated color

    Uncharted 2: Great color!

    COD: Monochromatic. (Boring)

    If you want to target the younger crowd… Little Big Planet. Those are toddler colors. Designed to stimulate the little brains.

    Uncharted has a great spectrum of color. It would be my choice.

    You can probably pick a any font.

    When is this project due?

    Let me know if you need more of my help! : ) 😉

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