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So all this week I am going through a tonne of exams. I think I have 3 exams everyday. Not everday actually. Thursday has 2 exams 😆  Lucky me (!).  Some exams are really easy because I revised well such as, Liturature, Science, Graphics, and Humanities. Others were hard – such as Maths.

Oh have you ever finished an exam REALLY early? Like an exam is 1 and  a half hours long and you finish it within 30 minutes or just 1 hour? I have. It feels weird… Looking around.. Everyone busy and you’re just sitting there – finished! If you have finished early before, what do you do to keep your self busy and not interupt others?

I only finish quickly on some tests like Literacy and Humanities. I like those subjects so I just whizz through them. LOL.

I don’t get why a 12 sheet maths exam should be 1 and a half hours long. With a calculator too! C’mon! Thats too long. 1 hour or 45 minutes is good, but whats with the extra hours?


Moving on. Next week you won’t really see much of me. I will be on work experience 😀

Its were you are allocated a real life job in a real store and you have to do as your boss tells you. You won’t be with your friends – if you’re lucky, someone else from your school will be there with you.  The overall theme is to see how owning a job is and the do’s and don’ts of a job.

My friends have been given places in many stores like Currys, PC World, Dixons or even Tesco.. (how many have you heard of? 😉 ) I however got a place as a sales assistant at a shoe store. Which is just as well, because I like selling things. – It’s local too!

I know some people around the world are going through exams and tests and what not at this time so I wish you the best of luck.

And don’t forget – Once you’ve got Funguin’s luck, you’re never out of luck. 😉

 That didn’t make sense .. did it… oh well…

– xMr Funguin. (I get tired of signing out with this name sometimes…)

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8 comments on “Whats New?

  1. It’s all new. Thanks for asking. 😉

    Yes I finished tests early and then became nervous as to why I was the only one done. Did I not get the whole test? Then try not to have eye contact with anyone. They all wonder what the heck is going on too. YOU GOT A CALCULATOR? Get out of town. Sign me up for that test!.

    Yes, off site job experience is the vogue and it is awesome. Do you get paid? Say, I believe I remember your dad was a shoe cobbler. Well if I am right, then the shoe doesn’t fall to far from the tree. Now you have to admit that was pretty pretty darn witty. : ) I have only heard of two of those stores. Curry sound yummy right about now.

    Sounds like you have luck for life! Everyone could use a little luck now and then. I will hit you up for some.

    • You’re NOT meant to be paid, but my dad knows that owner of the store and there is a small chance that I might get paid! I don’t mind… XD

      I agree with you “Did I not get the whole test?” LOL.

  2. Crikey Moses I know you probably didn’t get paid. But it was worth the shot! It “pays” to know ppl in high places. : )

    How did you ad campaign go for the computer game?

    I think you may have a future career in sales.

    • Yup.. people in high places 😉

      The point of sale display campaign is on pause for a bit… didnt find time to squeeze it in between exams and the off site job 😉

      Btw, Im trying to not go in to the sales trade! I’m not sure yet though. Ever thought of what you’d like to be?

  3. Busy Busy Busy! Keeps you off the street! 😉 Looking forward to hearing how did on the campaign and on the job. Mostly on the job. Dealing with John Q. Public isn’t always a fun thing. Sometimes they make you like animals more. 😆

    Yah, I would like to be enjoying foi gras and drinking chaimpaign 24/7 while listening to good music! Place of choice… France or Amsterdam. Not picky…. :lol

    Yah, I got my career ‘envisioned’ due to ppl in high places. Good golly family comes in handy in life!!!! 😉

  4. Ha! I thought i was the only one having the thought of why i was finished early. It gives me a feeling that i did the test wrong and i then check over it like 4 times! really! Oh yeah can you reveiw the Nintendo DSi?

    Sent from My Nintendo DSi

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