A Day At Work

I’m glad to say that I have completed day 1 of 5 of my off site job.

Yesterday (and this morning), I was nervous and scared and thinking of what I could expect. A mean boss? A tatty shop? Too much work? Too much running around?

But It was quite the opposite. It was a great shop. It was clean and not a peice of dirt in sight. The manager was kind, polite and courteous. I was the only “employee” (am I an employee or a work seeker? lol) there. The manager says his partner will  be there tomorrow.From time to time he asked me if I was comfortable, wanted to eat or wasn’t getting bored.  I thought this was good. There really wasn’t much to do, so I could do anything I wanted . There was a little running around, nothing my legs couldn’t cope with

I liked the experience I had today. I met new people and learnt a few things. I am guess I will learn more throughout this week.

Just before my off site job, I had a couple of other things to do. This included going to school to give something to my teacher and go to an eye-test appointment.

At the eye test appointment, I saw one of my friends working there! In my mind I thought “OMG!” lol. It was funny and weird at the same time.

Quote: “I should use this week to the best of my ability because it will only come once in my life.”

– xMr Funguin

P.S: Note the new sitebar widget!

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6 comments on “A Day At Work

  1. Sounds like a cush job. In real life… lol… the guy in charge wouldn’t ask you if you are comfortable, hungry, bored or any other question other than, HAVE YOU GOT YOUR WORK DONE. Your dad must have paid him off. hahahah Just jking ya. I believe you qualify for the title of trainie.

    Is this a large shoe store like with a franchise all over the country or a small independent store? Do you help ppl find shoes they want and do you help them try them on? Did you have to wear a suit and tie?

    So you got your eyes checked out. Was it stress from the job? 😉

    Work is just like school, you will always run into someone you know. It’s a small world.

    Say, I may need a pair of boots. It’s snowing on your blog. It might get deep. Can I get a discount for knowing you? 😛

    • I was going to address that, but got so excited with my discount of 10%, I forgot.

      I believe the politically correct version would read: Due to the economy, and all work being outsourced to China, we are forced to downsize the staff. Therefore, if you call for assistance there will no one present to take your call. Goodbye sucker! LOL

      Yes the widget is a good one. : )

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