What I have learnt from my Offsite Job


All of last week I was on my offsite job. It was a pretty tiring thing to do. Went there at 10AM and got back home at 6PM. There really wasn’t anything else I could do after I got home (like blogging, editing photos etc…).

It was a great experience and I learnt a few things. I learnt how to approach customers. I saw how all customers require something different. (1 might want a blue card and another might want yellow paper lol).

I also learnt that you need to ‘talk to the customer’ when you’re serving them. This means that you need to LOOK at the customer and not at something else when you talk to the customer. 😉

Oh and the key thing I learnt was that you have to be polite. 😉

Can’t wait to go to school this week. I never thought I’d say that LOL.


In other news: Christmas is round the corner so I uploaded a christmas header. I know it’s late since other sites uploaded them ages ago – but better late then never right?

– xMr Fun

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5 comments on “What I have learnt from my Offsite Job

  1. Sounds as if you did enjoy your experience despite the hours involved.

    Ppl are very demanding. Speaking of which, I didn’t get my 10% off!!

    Polite is a word many don’t have in their vocab. Even without your most recent training, I would like to say, you are one POLITE PERSON. I am sure you will go far.

    Your Christmas header is very tasteful and very , for a lack of a better word, humble. Rather appropriate to the season.

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