My Christmas Gifts

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t get an aweful lot for Christmas. That is not what matters. I gave more than I recieved 😉

Seriously though, I did get only 2 presents.

I split this post up into 2 sections. RECIVING to show what I recieved and GIVING to show what I gave.


I got a box of Celebrations (an assortment of sweets) from my aunt and I got a box of Crackers from my dad’s friend. I also got a £5 note from him too, which was a nice surprise!

In case you aren’t familar with what you can do with a £5, I will tell you – With a £5 note (or coins!) you can buy a DVD, or a pack of 10 re-writable discs, or a remote control replacement, a pack of 50 straws, a gift for someone, a chain, a bracelet, a keyring etc… Basically, anything basic and of quality if thats possible lol.


Like I said before, I gave more than I recieved.

I gave 4 gifts to my teachers ;).. no, not 4 each xD

I gave a box of Ferrero Rocher’s to my Form Tutor. I gave it to her because it is more of a luxury chocolate and I knew she would love it. (No, she is not posh.) She is the teacher I see every single day. She is the teacher where we get all our information from. When I gave it to her,  She was thrilled with it. She said, I quote: “You’re so sweet” LOL. It was nice of her to say so.

I then gave a box of Milk Chocolate Sweets to my English Teacher. She is a wonderful teacher. She helped me pass 5 peices of coursework. Last year and this year. I love being naughty sometimes so I tricked her before I gave it to her.

  • I went up to her classroom at the end of the day and said “Miss! I’ve got some coursework for you to mark.”
  • She gave me a confused look. I should have taken a picture of it lol.
  • “Oh.. ok.” She said. Then She called me into the class
  • I looked into my bag, pretending to get the “coursework” out. I pulled out the chocolates and handed them to her.
  • “Coursework?! *laugh* Whats this?” She asked.  “It’s a present from me to you.” I replied.

It was a funny “trick” and I sure made her day!

Next, I gave a box of Terry’s Chocolate Orange to my ICT teacher. She is a really kind teacher. She helped me alot. I’ve left my USB in her class a few times and she comes to the rescue – she always finds it. She also helped me in my ICT work and my work “is always pleasing to mark” 😉

I gave her the box of chocolate and she was thrilled with it. It was wrapped in gift wrap and as soon as she saw it she got up and gave me a hug. She didnt unwrap it or anything. It was a werid thing to recieve from a teacher but it goes to show that even the smallest of gifts mean alot to people. – unopened too!

Finally, I gave a box of Terry’s chocolate orange Segsations to my Graphics Teacher. She has taught me for the past 4 years and I’ve really got to know her. This is the class where I am making the point of sale display in. She is kind, funny and a technical teacher. I really like being in her class.

She too was thrilled with the gift. She said “My favourites! You must have known!!” Yup, I knew…


I really loved making my teachers happy. It made me feel good 😉

Ofcourse I did give my friends small gifts too!

Sometimes, giving is more important than reciving. Don’t you agree?

– xMr Funguin.

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14 comments on “My Christmas Gifts

  1. I’m a little confused. It isn’t Christmas yet. However, I can understand that possibly you had a school Christmas exchange before you went on break, but why did you receive gifts from family and friends already? Pre-Christmas gathering?

    Yes giving is more ‘important’ that receiving, but receiving is great too! 😉
    You are a very generous Santa indeed.

  2. Well that is what I thought. And the other, well I think they think you are such a good boy, well they just couldn’t wait to give you your presents. How you mangaged to convince them you were good is beyond me! ROFL!! Just jking ya.

    I do like the way you word up. Some of your words are not in my vocab. It adds so much to the flavor of the convo.

    And I would love some of the chocolate right now!!!

  3. I see on the news you have a major cold snap. I saw the news on the train that stranded all the passengers.

    I have endured 20 below 0 and 101/2 inches of snow already… I will take your weather anytime!! But not the train ride. : )

  4. You sound like you would be a really eager student at school. Like you know what i mean? Not the one throwing airplanes around the classroom. lol

  5. Yeah and I agree. I love giving people. You get this nice feeling you are loved and you are cared for. Not saying I hate receiving!!

  6. In your last post you used the word learnt. I thought it was a typo, as we spell it learned. However, I looked it up and apparently it is a British word of sorts.

    Here we have the words, celebrations and crackers. Celebrations is the name of your item, but we would just said a Variety Pack. (I’m assuming the crackers are the popping kind with little favors in them. We have them at our house at Christmas too.) Not sure about the straws. Are they filled with a candy powder?

    Luxurt. Never heard that word. We just say luxury but in this case we would say decadent.

    Milk sweets? Milk chocolate maybe.

    Coursework is homework or class work I am sure. But coursework is new to me.

    I think your speech is much more colorful. It reminds me of Charles Dickens. One of my favorites!

    • LOL!
      I didnt realise I was typing that differently..

      You don’t know what Crackers are? They are the things you pull at christmas time with a friend and a toy or something comes out of it. With a peice of paper with a joke on it.

      Celebrations is the name of the box. We don’t call them a “Variety pack” or anything like that. However if you really wanted to go into detail, we called them “Assortments”

      Straws are those things you drink a drink with. LOL

      Luxert? Ah, thats a typo of the word “Luxury”
      We don’t use “Decadent” here. Thats a new one in my book 😉

      Milk Sweets – yup, they are Milk Chocolates. We call them that too, but I used “Sweets” instead.

      Coursework is a peice of work you are given a grade on. You have to do it independantly and you are given a longer period of time. Like, for homework you may get 2 days to do it. For coursework we get about 1-2 weeks to do it – depending on the topic.
      I should mention that coursework is more informative than homework.

    • Yah, I said we have the cracker too. I like the big ones. I like the whistle in them. I blow it until everyone is totally ticked off!!! hahahahaaa

      So you buy plain straws? I would spend it on something I could eat. hahahahaa

      Chocolate seems to a big item there at Chirstmas. Cholcolate covered cherries are a big item around this time here. As is peanut brittle.

      Hope your Chirstmas stocking is filled with good stuff!!!

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  8. Just bought a Terrys chocolate orange because i just love chocolate. Had one segment —- anybody want the worst tasting terrys chocolate orange ever. it was powdery cooking chocolate
    Definatly OFF my christmas list

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