Merry Christmas 2009!!

Hey you!, Yes you. Put that mistletoe down and read this post!

Its that time of year again. It’s Christmas!

This year came and went very fast, Didn’t it?

New years day is a couple of weeks away (less than 2 I think?) and Christmas is an occation that everyone should celebrate. Its a time for giving, forgetting and reciving.

Its a time to care for one another and forget all the bad times.

Most important of all, its Christ’s birthday.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you got what you asked for. I know I did!

As a present from my dad, I took out a contract with O2 and I’ll get a new phone 😉 (More about that soon) Its the best present ever! lol. What did you get for Christmas?

This is my favourite Christmas song.

Title: Do they know  its Christmas time (at all)?
Band: BandAid

Pretty soon we will be celebrating 2010. 😉

-xMr Funguin

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8 comments on “Merry Christmas 2009!!

  1. Can’t put the mistleltoe down!!! And I forgive you for everything! ROFL

    Yes Santa was good to me too. Like your favorite song as well!

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