The Big UK Freeze

On Christmas Eve, temperatures in the UK dropped to -1! It became really cold.

Weather forcasts said it would snow within the next few days – but it didn’t.

New Years Day came and again, the forcasts said it would snow – but it didn’t!

But on the 5th of January, the snow began to fall. It fell slowly at first, then got faster. Snow wasn’t melting at this point. It continued to snow from the Afternoon to around Midnight. In the morning, the snow was really thick! It was about 4-5 DVD cases thick.

School was cancelled because of the snow! It was freezing indoors and outdoors.

4 days later, the snow is still here. Some of it is melting, some of it is crushed and some of it is gone. Small trickles of snow still come but not as much as the 5th. Too bad 😦

BBC News say “its the worst freeze for 30 years”! I love snow! I couldn’t make a snow man though, it was too cold to stand outside…

Did it snow where you are?

– xMr Fun

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8 comments on “The Big UK Freeze

  1. My grandparents live in France. And watching the BBC news… yes, you guys are getting some strange weather.

    However, suck it up!! We have upwards to 12 ft of snow with 9 below 0 and a windchill fact of 22 below. It is cold in, out, and over!

    Snow is ok, until it isn’t. 😛

  2. Oh, I was looking at your twitter. Everyone who has a CP blog is complaining about CP and how slow “they” are becoming. Maybe “we” are going to fast?

  3. We are always winners. xd!!!

    Maybe you could make a slushie. What flavor I wonder? We have so much snow we could make snow cones or smoothies. But I don’t know about the radiation in the snow. It might give us an unnatural glow.

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