iChallengeU : Hardest and Easiest Game


Its a new posting section. iChallengeU is a new posting thing where I challenge you. I will challenge you with games and other real life things. It will be a fun addition to the blog! You saw it here first!


I challenge you to The Worlds Hardest Game

The worlds hardest game is.. well, the worlds hardest game. I bet you’re thinking – “Hah! Thats just a fancy name. Its not hard.”

Try it for your self! Click the link below.



If the Worlds Hardest Game was too hard for you, then maybe you should play this next one instead.

This one is called The Worlds Easiest Game. And yes, it litterly is easy.

Its just like the hard one, but not baddies.

Give it a go by clicking on the link below.


Have Fun and Good Luck.

What is your highest score on any of these games? Comment them!

The top scores will be mentioned in the next iChallengeU.

-xMr Fun

P.S: What do you think of this new idea of iChallengeU?

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15 comments on “iChallengeU : Hardest and Easiest Game

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! The hard game was making me swear outloud!! hahahaa But it was awesome! I finally had to quit. I did finish the easy game. It was hilarious. The comments were 2funny. “Baby wants his bottle.” ROFL …I got a 30 out of 30 on it. I win. hahahahahaa

    Yes I want to try again on the first game. Hope you keep this up for awhile. I will beat those little blue dots!!! Or die swearing trying to.

  2. xMr.Funguin… I never knew you were stressed out. Srry to hear that.

    How can I help?

    This game is giving me stress…. NO #$$%*! Who is going to help me with my stressstressstresststeesstresss………. 😆

    Mr Funguin Says: I worked my stress down to 1 essay, so hurray for me! The game requires skill my friend.

    • HURRAH for getting your stress down. I was prepared to send you my secret mantra. I would have to shrink wrap it though for security reasons. 😆

      Skill is when luck becomes a habit. I need some LUCK!!!

      Ok, wish me luck. I’m going in! Those little blue dots will not win. (Probably will xd!)

  3. The hardest game is hard =O

    Hey, nice idea there!!! I remember on RW I had a challenges page, but I can’t remember what I had on it, and I don’t think many of th epeople around back then are still around now to remind me haha.

    Love the name and icon =]

  4. You Win! Oilersmyth….
    Say how did you get that name? There was a person on xMr F’s other blog who we wondered how he got his name. Now let’s here your story here!!! : )

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