Have you ever done this?

 Have you ever thought in your mind that you would draw a work of art, or make something fantastic using paper/card/plastic/wool and then when you come to making it… it flops. Then you just give up on it and go the easy way – do it on the computer and print it out.

I know I have.

Today I was in English class (no we don’t learn how to speak English in it) and whilst the teacher went out somewhere, I thought of something. (wow! lol) I thought of drawing something on paper when I got home. It would be amazing, it would be unique, and it would be imaginative. When I tried to draw it though, I couldn’t. Got stuck!

Sure, My pencil was sharp, but my mind wasn’t.

So in the end, I just gave up on it and googled a few images.. which I compiled into a masterpeice that way…

The image is on the laptop, and its not on this computer. When I get on the laptop, I’ll post the image here.

Have you ever done that?

– xMr Fun

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5 comments on “Have you ever done this?

  1. I think I know what are saying. I think it helps to have a visual aid. In your mind’s eye you can see it, but you can get a better result if you can see something from an example. I will look forward to seeing your final rendering.

  2. The next post is password protected. That sucks. Well if you have to have pass word …. I guess it is just for the “special ppl.”

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