Being bullied can be an aweful thing to come across in school.

And have you ever noticed how its always the good kids being bullied? Now, I know you’ll agree with me when I say this but; “Every school has bullies.”

Its impossible for a school not to have bullies. Bullies are part of the school.. in a way. (But they shouldn’t be!)

This is a true story and it happened not too long ago;

The other day, I watched a guy in my year (he’s not in my class or anything. Heck, I don’t even know his name) bully a kid 4 years below us. Why was he bullying the younger student?  Was it because he wanted his money? Was it because the younger student tripped him up? Was it because he didn’t like his glasses? Was it because of the way he was minding his own business?

But what was more amazing about that younger student was what he said to the bully. A victim would normally cry or tell the teacher. But this boy was different.

To the bully he said: “Why are you picking on me? I did nothing wrong to you and I don’t even know who you are. You bullies think you’re very clever than us nerds – but if you’re not careful, you’ll end up working for a nerd just like me.”

After this he walked away with his head held high.

As for the bully – well, he just got angry and I bet he got embarracing about lossing to a younger student.

I wish more people were watching and listening to this spotlight speech that the boy gave. The boy was right. Nerds are clever in all kinds of ways. Infact, I consider myself a little nerd, but who cares. I like learning and I won’t let anyone spoil it. If a bully wastes his time hurting innocent people, he’ll end up working for one.


If speeches are not your thing then something else you can do is just walk away. Ignore the bullies noise and let him pollute the air around him.

If he being to call you names and what-not, just say “Thank You“. It really works. It will make the bully look very stupid.

For example:

Bully: You’re stupid!
You: Thank you. *walk away at this point*
Bully *huh?*

The reason I shared this story with you today is because I thought it might send a message to people who have been bullied to stand up and face the music… or in this case – the bully 😀

And to send a message to the bully about working for a nerd.

I hope you learnt something today 😉

– xMr Fun

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6 comments on “Bullies

  1. HII!!!! I havnt been on wordpress in MONTHS!!!!! i finaly got my computer fixed!! do u remember me?!?!?!?!?!? i hope sooo! oh and if u dont my old wordpress name was pinkypie383. ok so here is my comment:
    this guy noah is talking bad about me to my face and all of my best friends. hes always like, UR SO WEIRD, UR FEET ARE GIANT, UR FACE IS LIKE BUBBLE GUM, UR SO FUNNY LOOKING, U ACT LIKE A GUY, and UR GROSS. I dont run away crying or tell any teachers i just try to make a good reply like, ” I dont care if thats how u think i act, but u being meen to me isnt gunna make me change the way i am.” he also imbarreses me. like once he put my vocabulary book in HIS backpack and took it out saying ,” EWWW SARAH PUT HER VOCAB BOOK IN MY BACKPACK!!” in front of EVERYBODY!i never did anything to him, except try to be friendly but all i get back is pure meaness. any suggestions? woww long comment! hope u read it all!

  2. Jeepers! Sarah, are you still smiley after all that? And are you saying you actually rationalized this with a dignified response? I would slap the crap out of that guy! Those kind of jerks aren’t worth an ounce of politeness. They wouldn’t know polite it if hit them in the face, so you might as well do it!!! ROFL Actually the best thing you can do is just suck it up and walk away. DON”T even give him the satisfaction of a response. SAY NADA!! He will eventually give up once he sees he has no effect on you. It embarrasses them more if you show no emotion.

  3. Hmm, sneek up on him, hit him in both eyes then run! He won’t see you coming and he won’t know it was you ❗ Your’re home free. 😆

    Please note, do not try this at home. HA HA HA 😛

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