Happy Valentines Day!

Its Valentines day!

Have you told that special one how you feel about them?

I sure did…

– xMr Fun

(this post has been posted a day late, but who cares? 😛 )

By Mr Funguin Posted in 1

6 comments on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Yah, who cares when love is in the air. hahaha

    I would sing a love song for ya xMr.F but I don’t know the lyrics to any ABBA love songs. xd! So keep the ♪♪in your own little ♥ ❗ : )

  2. I know there are way more bands you silly ppl. I just was going with xMr.F’s favorite one!!!! I was trying to be like Cupid and give him a “shot” of his favorite band. Good golly… xd. Next time I will just shoot someone in the a$$ … .like Cupid. =]

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