Top 5 Exam Cheats


Cheating is considered to be illegal in some cases and being dishonest. Its like stealing and lying, only you do it with your eyes. Sometimes there are terrible teachers who do a bad job preparing you for a test.

Either way, you must be prepared to accept the consequences of cheating. It’s a risk, and if you get caught, take full responsibility for your actions. With that being said, here are some ways that people cheat. These are options that I have tried to picture and see how they work.

1. The Lookie!

This is the first cheat I will expose. Its probably the most obvious one in the book. Just take a quick peek at the paper next to you and make it look like you are examining your pen.

Alternativly, you can put that hand of yours up and ask permission to use the toilet. As you walk past the other desks, take a peek! Remember it and then when you return to your seat, write down your findings.

2. Wood is more than useful

Have you got a natural wooden pencil? Write small notes on one side of a pencil which is kept on your desk, with the notes facing down. Simply rotate pencil to reveal notes.

3. Potty training.

This is a great way to make use of the toilet.

  1. Go to the toilet, and choose a specific stall. One that you’re sure you’ll remember.
  2. Go inside, lock the door, and open the top for the toilet tank. Usually, the water level doesn’t fill the tank all the way, so use that dry space to tape your notes to. You can even write your notes on a piece of A5 paper and fold it up, then tuck it behind the toilet bowl or cistern.
  3. Ask to go to the bathroom during the exam, after you’ve finished doing all the questions you know. If you’re not allowed, accept it. Someone can escort you to the bathroom if needed – it’s worth it.
  4. Go into the stall you chose, lock the door, and take a look at the notes. Try not to make much noise if there are other people in the bathroom.
  5. Flush when you’re done, to make it sound authentic, and go back and write down the rest of the test.
  6. Go back to the stall after the exam to destroy the evidence.

4. My pen tells a thousand tales

Write out your exam notes on a small piece of paper before the test, and slip the paper into the shaft of your pen. During the test, you can just take apart your pen and read the information needed. As always, make sure you don’t get seen.

5. Its up my sleeve

  1. Get a small piece of paper and write all your notes up beforehand.
  2. Slip it into your sleeve on the day of the test, and when you need it just pull a small portion of it out, look at it under the desk, put it back into your sleeve and keep writing.


So, now you know the top five ways to cheat in an exam.

There are the risks of cheating too.

  • Other students may suspect you and inform the teacher.
  • Studying may be a more effective use of your time.
  • Consequences can be avoided by not cheating.
  • There is a possibility of getting caught.
  • For some major tests, such as GCSEs in the UK, you may get all your test results cancelled if you are caught cheating. For example, if you were found cheating in a math test, you would get all your math marks taken away and also possibly in every other test such as English, geography, etc. The worst sanction is to be banned from all the exam boards for five years – which means no A Levels or university (you can guess what that will mean when you start looking for a job).
  • Consequences for cheating in the Junior/Leaving Certificate in Ireland include being banned from state exams for five years.
  • Use cheating sparingly and as a last resort. Risks multiply exponentially if you repetitively cheat, especially with the same methods.
  • Some methods allow easy removal of evidence. Trust your instincts- wipe the evidence if you any suspicion.
  • Legitimately passing tests will have long-term benefits.
  • You may regret this later. Think hard about this and the risks.

Good luck!

– xMr Fun

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