“This Is London”

A fictional story about a journey on a train to London.

“On my trainride to Central London, I came across a train like no other. The interiour of this train was clean and had a fresh fragrance. The walls of the train were as white as soft snow. the seats which were covered in leather felt as soft as clouds. the leather itself was dyed as red and strawberries to contrast the walls. The colours in the rest of this carriage were bright and vivid…

But for how long?

The people in the train, engaged in conversation, enjoyed listening to music played through their iPods. The the next stop, a woman came on with a baby in a push chair. the baby was screaming violently for his mum to pick him up. the sound of the baby echoed off the walls and fell into my ears like water. As the baby quietened from crying, I could see crowds of people talking to one another and celebrating a wedding it seemed like they were going to. The men wore suits as black as soot and their partners wore dresses which flew through the autumn air like silk.

But for how long?

More passengers boarded the train. As the soft silky air blew in, it felt refreshing. I stoff amazed at how many people were passing presious time with mobile phones, laptops and game consoles. It seemed everone had nothing to do but play games. The music played through the loudspeaker of a mobile phone was like a lions roar. It cried out to everones eat as if it was on stage. The sound was so disturbing that I had to step to the next carriage. In this carriage the colours were dim. People were sat down, wrapped up like snowmen, on their way to work. The carriage was as silent as a mouse and as rough looking as a builder. There was graffiti on the walls which seemed to scream out sounds of anger and hope. The colours of the walls were gret and the seats in this carriage were made of fabrid. Sitting on this was like sitting on a brick. The smell was rank and slightly unbearable.

But for how long?

Carefully a door opened. Out of it came a lady with great hair. She was pushing a silver trolley which was polished to perfection. Reluctantly, I bought a bar of Galaxy from her. When I put the peice of chocolate in my mouth, it seemed to ment slowly. Like ice. It tasted soothing it slid down my throad like butter in a warm pan. And I let the next peice last longer. I took smaller bites of the rest. I tasted and felt the chocolate sliding on my tongue.

Is this it?

Central London was now outside the train. I took slow and steady steps towards the door. The door opened and I got off the train. There is a different world waiting to be explored in Central London. Its sounds and coloured were quite the opposite to the dull, dreary and im carriage. The air smelt fresh and not rank, retchid or revolting.

This is London.”

What do you think of my fictional world I created? (Written by me)

– xMr Fun

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2 comments on ““This Is London”

  1. That was well worth anyone’s reading. Great descriptions ❗ I was visually sitting on that train and smelling the bad air. I felt like a passenger transposed. Nice work Mr.xF!!

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