Back 2 School

OMG! 2 and half weeks go very fast.

We were on our Easter break and it was quite fun.

Its ending on Tuesday and we have to go to school again on Wednesday 😦 So boring! It should be 1 more week atleast 😦 Well I guess I should be lucky – These two days we have off are because of 2 teachers training days. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be in school today.

Anyway, I havn’t got my bag ready and I guess I should probably do that. I’ve been watching TV and sitting on computer through the holidays. Didn’t go out much because of the weather in the UK…

Did you guys hear about this Volcanic Ash Cloud? I don’t know the complete story, but they said that a volcano erupted and gave off this smoke/ash and formed a massive cloud. It cancelled ALL flights! They are begining to open up now so not to worry. The cloud is not harmful to us on Earth but it can interfere with the engines jets and cause it to crash.

Btw, so sorry for the late post. I couldn’t be bothered to post because I wanted something to happen first so I could post about it.

– xMr Funguin


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5 comments on “Back 2 School

  1. The volcano is subsiding. Thank goodness. Can you imagaine being stuck somewhere for days… with no clean underwear? Scary! Your worst nightmare. xd!

    You need to visit other sites and then they would come here. Put on some clean underwear and get out there! 😛

  2. Hey xMr. F. NO THINGS ARE NOT ALLL GOOD!!!!! I just returned from a almost 2 week holiday, and got stuck in Edinburgh, then Heathrow!!!! It wasn’t fun!

  3. No it is not all good now. I don’t know why ppl keep saying that!!!!!!!!! Follow the news!! It won’t be all good for a long long time!!! I almost ran out of clean underwear while stuck in 2 airports!

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