Went to the Cinemas


Sorry for the late posts. I’ve been waiting for people to come back and comment on my other posts. Didnt work. Work harder!

Anyway, A few weeks ago, I went to see Shrek Forever After and what can I say. It was the most fantastic experience in 3D. The movie had alot of 3D aspects. A Character called Rumpel was like he was sitting right beside us, while the king and queen were talking to him.

Shrek 4 is the last film in the series and its quite a good one too. Its a great end to the story.


Yesterday, I went to see the highly anticipated Toy Story 3. It was really good movie – better than TS1 and TS2 actually. (jk). It was funny and had a good story.

It was also quite emotional. You actually feel sorry for the toys and Andy.

I think that this may be the last Toy Story movie because Andy is no longer in possesion of the toys. He was their owner for the past 3 movies. Now he is not.

There wasn’t alot of 3D in this movie, but it was good all the same.


Did you see Shrek 4 or TS3? What did you think of them? Did you watch in 2D or 3D?

– xMr Fun

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4 comments on “Went to the Cinemas

  1. Hey Mr F :] Sorry for not visiting in such a long time.
    I went to see Toy Story 3 – my first movie in 3D. I loved it. Didn’t see Shrek 4 though, since I haven’t even seen 3.

  2. xMr F….. get off the damn bathroom throne!!! Start getting more involved with the last of your visitors. You are losing the game by just ‘not being here’.

    On a kinder gentler thought…. how’s it going?

  3. And the comments are in moderation now… cuz you are not with the program anymore! Ah well, it happens. Life is just what it is…busy.

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