Got my GSCE Exam Results!

Yesterday was the day when the whole of Britain (and other countries I guess) got their GSCE Examination results of 2010.

Remember I told you I was sitting some exams a while back? Yeahhh… these results are for those.

I did pretty good. Did not fail COMPLETELY, but I did alright.

I got good grades in English which is what I wanted. I want to become something in English in the future – so I’m happy about that!

Maths? I did quite good and quite bad. I have to resit this next year. I dont like Maths at all! I mean, why do they have to mix the alphabet into it?

Science – I did well in these. About the same as english.

Overall, I’m thankful that I got good grades and did my best. And I got through to college. In America you’d call me ”a freshman”. Here we call it …”first years” LOL.

Updates coming soon 🙂

Did you get your results for any exams you sat? How did you do?

– xMr Fun

N.B: What do you think of the new header?

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