Review : PlayStation Move

Sony’s entry into the motion sensing game industry has hit the market. On September 17th the PlayStation Move was launched.

What is the PlayStation Move?

The PlayStation Move is actually a combination of devices: The PlayStation Move motion controller ($49.99), The PlayStation Move navigation controller ($29.99), and the PlayStation Eye ($39.99).  The motion controller and the Eye are required for all Move games.  Interestingly, the Dual Shock 3 can be used in place of the navigation controller for gamers who’d like to save a couple bucks.

What does it do?

The PlayStation Eye tracks the “dynamic color changing sphere” of the motion controller with an extremely high degree of precision.  During the E3 Move presentation, Sony’s Peter Dille made repeated mention of the system’s “unrivaled 1 to 1 tracking.”

The motion controller itself features the traditional four Dual Shock buttons (circle, square, triangle, x), a trigger (the T-Button), and vibration feedback.  Sony considers the control precision afforded by the buttons to be Move’s major advantage over Kinect.

The navigation controller (or dual shock) works more or less just like Nintendo’s Nunchuck, albeit with the added bonus of not being physically attatched to the motion controller.  The navigation controller sports both an analog stick and digital directional pad, as well as L1 and L2 triggers, just as on the Dual Shock 3.

Is it worth it?

If you’ve experieced button bashing excitment before, then PlayStation Move is for you. You’ll love getting in to the game. Its great for shooters and racing titles. If you’re a casual gamer, then PSM is not for you. Take it easy. 🙂

– xMr F .

N.B: ”Move” your friends back here. Please? 🙂

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