Review: Should you ‘connect’ with “Kinect”?

Microsoft’s entry into the motion sensing industry has come to the UK!

On Monday 8th November, Kinect was launched.

What is Kinect?

Kinect is just one peice of technology costing about £129.99 . The best thing is that you only need to buy the camera to play the games. You get ‘Kinect Adventures’ with the camera, so that gets you started quickly.

How does it work?

Kinect is a motion sensor device that tracks your body’s movements. No controller needed. The Kinect sensor contains an RGB camera and a depth sensor to track your movement. It measures the positioning of 48 key joints in your anatomy and by tracking the movements of these joints, it can work out exactly what position your body is in. What’s more, it sees in 3D by overlaying the input from the RGB camera with the depth sensor.

Meanwhile the built-in multiarray microphone monitors the room for your voice – yep, Kinect even allows you to control your Xbox 360 using voice commands alone.
Is it worth it?
In my opinion, No. I tried Kinect myself in a local game store. It was very laggy. Selecting options with your hands felt unreal. When you’d try to select an option, it takes a minute or so getting your hand on the button.
Kinect tracks your whole body. Does it? Yeah it does, but not properly. It won’t track fast kicking movements, but it will pick up your slow kicks.
Kinect is not worth it.  But if you have the money, then go buy it! Its certainly a new experience.
– xMrFunguin
N.B: Get your friends ‘Kinected’ back here please? 🙂
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10 comments on “Review: Should you ‘connect’ with “Kinect”?

  1. Merry Christmas xMrF.

    OILERSMYTH ! The same to you.

    No I don’t think xMrF has a fat but… Is that what fb stands for? 😆 LMAO so …. I now don’t have one either. HAHAHA

    Have a great 2011!

  2. I did! Thank you so much Oilersmyth. I hope the same for you.

    So now what is this xMR.F ended with… N.B: Get your friends ‘Kinected’ back here please?

    I don’t know what N.B. stands for either. No Brain, … WHAT? 😆 Was he talking to me? HAHAHA

    And where the FH is he? :mrgreen: That would translate to ‘flying hell’. 😛

    This is a good game!

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