Review: iPhone 4 on Verizon


For four years now, the iPhone has stayed exclusive to AT&T in the USA. It was only on o2 here in the UK, but it has slowly come over to the networks here. Now its on all networks here in the UK.

Ever since the iPhone 2g (first generation) launched, people wanted it to make an appearance on ‘america’s most popular network’ – Verizon Wireless. It became a myth. It was the internets biggest rumour, which seemed like it would never come true.

On Tuesday 11th January 2011, Verizon held a press conference announcing the iPhone 4 on their network! Hoorah! AT&T are not the only ones with iPhone now 😉

The move gives iPhone users in the US a choice of carriers for the first time.

But the phone will not run properly on the new 4G network, so it will become CMDA. This data change, also has made Apple redesign the iPhone 4 on verizon.

Verizon iPhone 4 features different antenna design similar to one which was leaked recently. You can clearly see the difference between Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhone antenna design in the image above. You can see that AT&T iPhone 4 has antenna breaks at the top whereas in Verizon iPhone 4 they are on the left side.

The Verizon iPhone will be available to pre order in the first week of February, and available to buy from Verizon stores from February 10th!

This is big news for you guys in the USA. Are you switching to VZN?

– xMrFun

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19 comments on “Review: iPhone 4 on Verizon

  1. Hey… nice to see you back on the blog. I have an iPhone 3GS… the iPhone 4 is pretty over priced in my opinion… lol 🙂

  2. Great review. I need a new phone desperately. I think I could get two tin cans and a string and it would be better some days than what I have.

    Are there roaming fees? What are the packages you can buy? I mean if I am going to call you and Oilersmyth… I might have to reconsider.

  3. I have the at&t version. Anyways..
    I SAW YOU ON CP YESTERDAY RIGHT!!! ???? Wasn’t that such big coincidence. Lolz. And i was like “WE SHOULD TALK, I STILL HAVE A BLOG” But your penguin kept silent D: Anyways… whats up?! Hows it going?! Reply back on my blog cause im probably going to forget i ever commented on here

    • “wait,you didn’t see me? D:really? aww…”

      BOOO!!!… You said “Reply back on my blog cause im probably going to forget i ever commented on here”.

      Ya must have had some kind of a revelation.

    • Do you have to buy it on ‘contract’ there? Is it not available to buy on its own?

      Im asking because I got mine without a contact, for £499, directly from Apple and all I had to do is get a SIM card from any provider 🙂

      Totally worth it IMO

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