Valentines, Pancake and Red Nose Day 2011


Second post in one week? Thats aweshum!

This year, we’ll see many holidays celebrated all around the world, just like year! There are loads, but today I will just cover 3 that are coming up really soon. You can read about the full year’s events by clicking here.

Today I thought I would talk about 3 days that are celebrated widely here in the UK. Valentines Day, Pancake Day, and Red Nose Day.

The first one is St. Valentines day. I’m not sure if this is celebrated in the USA, but I’m sure someone will help me here 😉

Tradionally, Valentines Day is a day that you open up to one person you so love. You do this by giving them a flower, or a token of your love for them. If sucessful, Valentines Day can mark the day you first told your lover you love them 😉

Valentines Day is celebrated on February 14th!

Edit: Valentines Day is celebrated around the world, but it may be called different names


Pancake Day is another occasion celebrated in the UK. It is always celebrated on Tuesday, because another day for Pancake day is “Shrove Tuesday” –  the last day before Lent. On Pancake day (as we’ll call it), you eat Pancakes! Making and eating Pancakes was considered a last feast with ingredients such as sugar, fat and eggs, whose consumption was traditionally restricted during the fasting associated with Lent.

Pancake Day (Shrove Tueday) is on Tuesday 8th March!


The final event is Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day isn’t really a total event. Its a fund raiser by an organisation called ”Comic Relief”. Helping people who need money, by using some comic in the process 🙂

I can safely say that this event is exclusivly celebrated in the UK. It comes once every 2 years and on Red Nose Day, TV is full of fund raising programmes. Actually, only one channel will promote it the most because its their fund raiser – The BBC.

Tradionally, RND is ‘celebrated’ by wearing a rubber/foam red nose on your real nose. The nose is meant to be comical and it costs £1.00 per nose. Thats $1.50 for you Americans!

The money raised from selling the noses goes towards the charities!

Red Nose Day 2011 will be on Friday 18th March!


I hope you enjoyed learning about the 3 events that seem ages away, but are just around the corner!

– xMrFun

P.S: I’ve updated the imagine page and added a new page!

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9 comments on “Valentines, Pancake and Red Nose Day 2011

  1. I’m sure Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. And I have heard of Shrove Tuesday, although it’s not big in Australia. Red Nose Day, though, I believe is not UK-exclusive, as I’ve heard about it from time to time and seen ad’s over the years, etc.
    Nice header and background by the way~
    Ummm…for the sharing…I don’t know :S Something creative :]

  2. Cartes d’amities… ah love. Yes this holy day originated from the Saint himself. Hearts go crazy, cards are sent, chocolate is eaten and flowers are given. Not every country can say they know of such traditions. Their loss.

    Shrove Tuesday aka Mardi Gras (Carnival), aka Fat Tuesday. A good way to use up all your fat, eggs and dairy before the fasting and abstinence of Lent begins. Also meat is given up… well what next? Starving? hahahaaa Lent is a drag. hahahaa But cleansing. 😛

    Red Nose Day isn’t just those whacky Britons who have a corner on caring anymore…it’s becoming a global thing as well. Last year there was Red Nose Net .. a twitter site. And many large cities have begun the custom of hosting parties to give to the charity.

    This is a great idea for posts. Holidays are always about “sharing”. Even information sharing.

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