Google Video is Closing Down!

We all know that Google bought YouTube a few years back, but do you remember ”Google Video”?

It was Google’s basic implementation of what we are used to today – aka YouTube.

Google feels that its time to retire the old website, including all the videos. The site will close down on April 29th 2011 (my birthday) but videos will be available through May. If you have uploaded videos to Google Video, you should start to download the ones you want to keep now!

Videos that arent downloaded by the end of May will be deleted and you’ll never see them again!.. unless you time travel xD

I for one used to love Google video and hate YouTube – yes its true. YouTube seemed like a crappy video site. But I found that most of the content I was searching for was on it. I quickly made an account and its the site I used from then on.

What do you think about this? Do you care? Did you even use Google Video?

– xMr Fun

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