Facebook Buys Instagr.am! + Updates

Hey guys!

So if you haven’t heard, Facebook bought Instagram for a small price of 1 billion dollars.
That’s a lot of money, considering there were about 10 instagram employees in the first place. They just hit the jackpot 😉

I use Facebook a lot, and I have installed instagram on my iPhone ages ago, I even have an account, but I have never used it lol. I’m not much of a photographer tbh. For my photo sharing, I like to use Facebook or twitter. I know that when you upload to facebook the photo automatically becomes facebook’s property, but who really cares. We still upload anyway, right?

Just a week ago, it launched on Android – which I am totally not against. Its great that the instagram experience is expanding, adding new users and photos taken on more than one kind of device.

What do you think about this?

On the other side of the fence, Apple is rumoured to buy a portion, if not all, of Twitter. They’ve integrated it deeply into iOS (which I am loving) and also into Mac OS X, its better if they just buy it. Thats in the rumour mill anyway – nothing solid. 

The internet has turned into one big auction house. Online companies being sold to others (who seem like rivals at first) for ridiculous amounts! But if it benefits the end user (that’s us) then I’m all for it!

This seemed like a mini-rant more than a post haha.


Also, how is everyone doing? This was just a post to say that i haven’t forgotten about my blogs, my fans and my readers. I just haven’t had time to post with school and everything. I know I always say this but hopefully I will be posting more often. Most likely on this blog more that my Club Penguin blog.

I’ve also updated some things around the site, so check them out too. Actually, the only thing I’ve updated so far is the colour scheme and the removed background 😀

I’ll see you in the next post.

-Mr F.


3 comments on “Facebook Buys Instagr.am! + Updates

  1. Oilersmyth here 🙂 Boy… you have GOT to be kidding. Instagram was the best thing out there! My pictures were protected, and only iOS users had the app. But when it came to Android… BOOM! I was so disappointing and the Facebook buys it, making it even worse! (That means Facebook now also owns the photos you post on Instagram! ABSURD!)

    Well anyways, thanks for the nice post!

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