The Big 18.


Yesterday was my annual day of birth, aka – birthday!

29th April is my birthday if you didn’t know 😉

I turned the great 18. Thats the legal age in the UK for voting and stuff like that. Its the “adult” age here and I guess its the American version of 21. I heard 21 is the “adult” age there. (right, wrong?)

Thats insane guys. 18 years old. I remember turning 10 and getting a movie on VHS for my birthday! 

I didn’t really get anything for my birthday apart from some money and an iPod Touch – which I am really fortunate for. I wasn’t expecting something REALLY cool for my birthday and that just about made my day. Its a white iPod Touch and so it matches my iPhone. I’m a fan of white products by the way. Black is a good colour, but I prefer white these days! So clean and smooth.. okay I’m getting off track here (hehe)!

We didn’t have a party (as you normally would),  but thats just how I roll. I didnt want one haha. Probably should have, but.. meh.

Some people would argue that age is just a number. To me, that “number” opens you up to more stuff on Earth. 

So.. yeah! Happy Birthday to me!

BTW, Blogging is really fun and easy, but sometimes you just can’t think of what to write about. I think thats probably why I leave it so long. 

– Mr Fun


12 comments on “The Big 18.

  1. Hey haha- Happy Birthday! Sorry for the late one though :P. I’m totaly the opposite, I like black products. (I’m not racist though, white is alright with me!) I might get my next iPhone as a white one though, considering my last 2 phones (my only two iPhones) were black. Anyways, nice post! Bye!

  2. Oh, I’m thinking about starting to blog as well, as soon as I get a decent computer! I tried in the past, but horribly failed! I’m thinking of trying one more time. I love to share my thoughts and stuff!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Mr. F!!! Isn’t it amazing how time just passes so fast? One day you are 10 and the next 18. It’s like your life is a movie… and you are the director of it. Hey you are the star of it too!! Great gift!.. and the party can come later when you feel like a party. Yes for every year (number) the world opens up new opportunities. CONGRATS! You are legal to smoke, vote, buy porn, gamble, and enlist in the army,and drink. xd!
    This is a big year for you! 🙂 Make wise choices!

    I was just in London. Went to the Beatles Store at 231 Baker St. I would have called you, but I didn’t have “that number”. It is all about numbers isn’t it? 😉

    • Thanks!
      Ha, I might be of legal age to do all those things, but I probably won’t be doing any of those xD
      I wasn’t aware of a “Beatles Store” in London! Gosh, the things you learn!

      • Good for you! Keep it clean! Your life is the only one ya got! 🙂

        You have got to be kidding. Well maybe not. You might not live in London, but if you do, you need to get out more!!

  4. They are everywhere! Have you heard about the conspiracy of London 2012 being bombed? It seems pretty legitimate so Mr. Funguin… beware!

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