I saw the retina display on the new iPad…

Apple is known for innovation such as the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010.

They recently released the iPad 3 the new iPad and it packs their amazing retina display. Yeah, I know that thing is like 2 months old now, but I only saw it in person today.. 😆

I have a 2 retina display devices, the iPhone 4S and iPod touch but nothing as beautiful or as big as the iPad! I saw it today at the Apple Store and OMG. It was truly magical!

Apple says that the retina display on the new iPad has 1 million more pixels than a HDTV. I didnt believe this and thought it was just big talk, but after looking at the display – it seems true.

You can’t discern the individual pixels. Its REALLY good. No one has created a display better than the retina display and I don’t think they will! I’m wanting to go check it out again 😆

Have you seen the new iPad’s retina display?

On a site note, WWDC is due to take place for one week starting 11th June. They are most likely going to show off iOS 6 – which I am REALLY excited about. I just love new software and hardware. I mean it can only get better, right?

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– Mr Fun


11 comments on “I saw the retina display on the new iPad…

  1. I can’t WAIT for WWDC 2012! iOS 6! I love my iPhone 4S, and yes, I have to agree, the screen on The New iPad is GORGEOUS! IT’S AMAZING! It’s A MIRACLE! Thanks Mr. Funguin for the posts, Apple posts are my favorite ❤ keep em coming!

  2. Sure the new iPad beats all competing tablets in terms of screen resolution,
    but if you hold a new iPad next to an iPhone 4s, how they compare?

    I think we will be seeing a movie soon called, Pixel Wars!

    • Put an new iPad next to an iPhone 4S? In reality The iPhone 4S will win because the iPad is not totally a “retina display”. The iPhone has about 316 pixels per inch, whereas the new iPad has less than that. 🙂

      • ok heres the deal…. one:given the technology ; optics’/visuals, it all comes down to … money….Money talks and . . . Yes it is all good if makes a difference.

  3. Don’t worry, I’ve been going to a psychologist lately, I’m still having trouble believing Mr. F is back! 😉

    • I’m full of surprises!
      I never went anywhere. Just needed a bit of time to get things sorted with my.. friend of sorts..

      Of course, there are other reasons, but blogging is in my blood, so I dont think I can ever quit it! 😀

  4. It is nice to see old friends still out and about! Not many do this anymore!

    I think they have made medical advances in the blogging field. They have to draw your blood for a sample though… so …

    They have a 12 step program for this now too! I only could get past the 3rd step, and then I slipped back into addiction.

  5. It works instantly with every computer I plug it into, it has excellent battery life (in the range of 4-6 weeks) and it just works. It’s not laggy like a lot of wireless mice I’ve tried, and it doesn’t require the lengthy install some do also. The range is good and the nanoreceiver sits out of the way in my laptop all the time without having ever snagged or had a problem. None of these are the best thing about this mouse, however.

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