What should I post about?

Blogging is amazing. It lets me write about anything I want, when I want and how often I want.

But sometimes, its hard to think of a topic to post about.

Over the past few weeks, Imagine A World has turned into a completely new blog; with a dashing new design, updated pages and more. 

At Imagine A World, I think its important that my readers can be involved too.

So I was wondering if you guys could help me by posting some suggestions of topics you’d like to see me post about.

I’ll note them down and post about them over the next few months! If I use a topic suggested by you, I will give you credit at the end of the post and if you had a blog or link, I’ll include that too!

Ofcourse, I’ll still blog about things on my own, I just need a bit of help to post things on days my mind is blank for words.

I also just realised that ‘Imagine a World’ is one of the longest surviving blogs from the days of Club Penguin. Many bloggers from that time have moved on, grown up and forgotten about blogging. It’s insane to think I’ve been doing this since 2007!  Its all thanks to you guys. You guys rock! I really appreciate all your comments, ratings and other good-ness. Keep it coming!


Here’s to many more years of blogging on Imagine A World.


– Mr F

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6 comments on “What should I post about?

  1. Apple…apple…apple! Post about Apple! Become a Gizmodo competitor. Haha just kidding. Post about interesting things in your daily life, future events, and maybe stuff that bothers you. Like here, talk about London 2012. For instanse, If I were you, I would blog about this weird dream I had that something really scary happened during the Olympics; I woke up in cold sweat. Can’t remember if it was a terrorist attack or an alien invasion. Something along those lines, the Olympics were a disaster and lots of people died. Really scary dream.

    True Story^^

  2. Oilersmyth you are a internet treasure. I bought some olympic items… but at first glance I thought you were talking about the Euro 2012 game today. Eng vs Italy. Now that was epic. Now I was waiting to see what you would post. We could carry the touch here via … Let’s light that candle! :7

  3. I’ll become more of an Internet treasure if I ever get my WordPress account back. I can’t recover the password for months! Anyways…
    You are the treasure chest which keeps me in the blog!

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