53 comments on “First Look: iOS 6 – Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3, Beta 4 & GM

  1. Nice post 🙂 Next, you should post about what you think is missing in iOS 6. I already have a list of like 40 items. And congrats on getting your apps on the app store! Perhaps I could have a promo code if they cost money? 😉

    • Thanks!
      I think these small updates mean bigger ones are coming in the future 😉
      The apps I’m making are free, but I’m having some trouble with my iTunes Connect account. Can’t distribute them without it working. 😦

    • Well would you believe it?
      I haven’t even contacted or emailed Apple about my ‘iTunes Connect’ problems and today I automatically got an email asking me to call them about it. Thats what I call perfect timing!

  2. And here in Canada a developer account is 99$ annual.

    Oh, by the way, change the “I Love” in your title to “iLove” 🙂

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  4. There’s one thing I’d like to know. Nowadays I use the service “HD traffic” by TomTom to steer around congestion. Does the iOS6 traffic service show any signs of TomTom traffic data being inside? Just like TomTom is supplying the map data? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi there.
      Well in my tests, the new Maps reroutes when we enter traffic or any sort of congestion. I should also mention that the traffic information is live too.
      if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!

  5. Yes, the new Maps app uses TomTom Data for traffic data and information. Much more accurate and informative than Google Maps.

  6. I’m out of the loop. Wow, so many posts that I didn’t see. Where was I? LaLa Land. I will try to be more in the “now”… no promises though.

  7. I have IOS 6 Beta 2 and am having trouble getting the HD Traffic to restore, it says it has restored but it doesn’t Anyone else having this problem ??
    Great Post by the way !!

  8. NOO not the earth wallpaper how could they?! It was a classic! And… will they change my current @me.com address to @icloud.com? Or are they just the new ones made.

    • I know right. I liked the Earth one too. Shame really.

      As far as I know, all existing @me.com emails will be changed to the new @icloud.com one. Emails sent to @me.com will be redirected to the new one for now (thats what it told me). It’s meant to replace it but it’s showing both of them on my device. Probably not finished yet.

    • Just had it confirmed – you will get to keep your @me.com and the new @icloud.com emails! They will be linked to the same Apple ID. New accounts after the launch of iOS 6, will only get the @icloud.com one.

  9. Hey, Mr. F, do you mind if I repost this? I’ll give full credit and a link to your blog, alright? It’ll help boost your hits as well!

  10. Ohh… the publishers though I plagarised… so they ordered to take it down. I guess I’ll just make my own post and then put a link to yours for “a better article”

    • OMG you plagiarist Oilersmyth! I am so outraged. ROFL….

      Just jkin.It is all about money, and ethics last. You are so non-offensive to anyone, that I know of.

  11. Did you guys hear? The YouTube app is gone from iOS! The licensing agreement between Apple and YouTube has ended, therefore Apple is forced to remove the YouTube app. But there is also good news; Google is working on a better, revamped version of the YouTube app which will be able in the App Store!

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  13. Found out the refresh button for mail is gone. Now you have to pull down/release to refresh like other apps such as FB or NYT. Pretty neat!

  14. Is there a cross-fade effect on Music app? been waiting for that feature which is available on iPod Nano. Why they wouldn’t put that feature in iPhone?

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