Science Museum 2012

As the school year comes to an end, the fun begins to start!

On Wednesday 29th June, we visited the Science Museum in London.

Its an amazing museum full of really cool artefacts and old tech. Its not a boring museum like you’d expect hehe.

I should mention that there are 3 museums on the same road. There is the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. They are located opposite each other which is pretty cool. The name of the road is also pretty sweet. Its called “Museum Road”. :lol:. The other name is Exhibition Road. Just thought I’d put those in this post because they are kinda cool. BTW, Entry to all these museums is absoloulty free of charge – which is awesome! The museums stay open with donations inside and around the museums.

I’ll stop talking now and let you see some pictures that I took of exhibits that interested me the most! Click to enlarge.




There are MANY more (100+ intact) pictures that I took, but because of time contraints and WordPress limits, I couldnt upload them…

Have you every been to a museum? What was it called?

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– Mr Fun

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6 comments on “Science Museum 2012

  1. I went by the V and A museum. The line had to be at least a mile long if not longer. The building alone was worth the viewing. Went to Kensington Palace as it was just reopened and to the public. It too was free on the ground floor it was £15 to view the upper floor. It was grand. We got there before the crowd !I wonder if I might have seen you in line? xd! Were you the onetalking on the newest looking phone and eating an Apple? Thank you for posting those pictures. Now I can see what I missed!!!!! Great pictures. What did you take those on?

    I have been to the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay and of course those are the biggies “out of town” that I thougt were extremely interesting. They weren’t free, but it was well worth the fee. Museums are the best places to spend some quality time.

    Everything has its price.

    • Great phone. Someday maybe I will have one…. right after I win the lotto. : )

      They don’t enlarge off site, but you can do it manually.

      I live in many places. France, Scotland, England, USA…. where there is a place to lay my head… at a relatives or friends …. I live to be there!!!

      Say are you watching Wimbledon? Go Andy Murray! If he wins .. he belongs to England. If he loses he belongs to Scotland. I love’m both. He needs deeper pockets though. hahahaha

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