Vacation 2012

I didn’t plan to write about this so soon, but you guys didn’t really leave me any post ideas so I had to.. lol

I’ll be away on vacation from 5th August  to 6th september.

We’re going to France and its really exciting!

We’ve been many times before so its nothing new, but its a beautiful place to visit. Disney is there too, right? Haha.

I’ll be posting up until I go so please stay tuned!


On a side note, Apple released iOS 6 beta 3, and you can scroll down to see the new features!

– Mr Fun


7 comments on “Vacation 2012

  1. Oh.. so you’re going AWAY from the Olympics. Good idea! I’m positive something will go wrong at the Olympics.

  2. Haha, what I was trying to say; you’ll be away for the Olympics. Which I think is good because of the dreams I’ve been having about it these days. 😛 lol

  3. I am just going out on a limb here and say.. Oilersmyth might just be referring to previos mishaps that have happened during the Olympics. Already there have been some bomb scares. I bought some Olympic magnets … and other small things. Just some little tokens. I am actually glad I didn’t incurr the frenzy… but woud love it anyway!!!

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