Thank You & Olympics

Wow, its been 9 days since my last post already. Time really does fly when you’re busy with the iOS 6 post. If you didn’t know, thats my most popular post right now and its really one of my best posts on this blog. It’s updated every day with new images too.

Thank you for making the iOS 6 features post one of my most popular posts ever. I have noticed over 10 people visiting this blog at a time because of it and it really makes me happy knowing people actually appriciate all the effort I put in that post 🙂

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again; ‘Imagine a World’ is one of the longest surviving blogs from the days of Club Penguin blogging. Many bloggers from that time have moved on, grown up and forgotten about blogging. It’s insane to think I’ve been doing this since 2007!  Its all thanks to you guys. You guys rock! I really appreciate all your comments, ratings and other good-ness. Keep it coming!

Anyway, I digress.

The Olympics are starting soon. What are you most looking forward to? For me, its the opening ceremony and of course, the events!

P.S: This post was quite unorganised, I know. Bare with me!

– Mr Fun

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8 comments on “Thank You & Olympics

  1. O I see 10 now! Mr. F … you are the bomb! LOL It is so great to see this blog and you back on top of those who were the center of all blogs long ago when we all were just getting comfortable with blogs.

    Can I say the word… blog… anymore? ☺

  2. thanks for the nice blog. it was very useful for me. keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. this was actually what i was looking for, and i am glad to come here!

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