Olympic Torch Relay

Well, the Olympics are just two days away from starting and yet the touch relay continues. It is day 68 of 70 of the relay.

Today the torch made its way though my town, Brent. We had received newspapers with the torch route and it would pass at the bottom of my road at about 10:30AM today. Of course, we went to see the torch! It’s not often a special torch passes your street!

It was a bit late, arriving at about 10:45AM but we saw it all the same. The street was packed with people and it was really nice to see our road full of colour! Seemed like digital cameras are history as everyone had a mobile phone to capture the event. Including me. 

When the torch itself arrived, people waved and cheered at the torchbearer! The torch was a spectacular sight. I’ve never seen such excitement for something like this. I really don’t know how to explain the experience other than it was awesome to watch the torchbearer running through the street with an Olympic torch 😆

Did you know: There will be 8,000 torches for 8,000 torchbearers? The flame will be passed on from one to the other.

I should note that the location I am filming/photographing is Wembley Triangle, where the torch made it’s way to Wembley Stadium afterwards.

I recorded the event on my iPhone and It’s currently uploading to YouTube so for now I will leave you with these pictures from the video. Click to enlarge. 

This is something I will never forget. 

– Mr Fun

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