London Olympics Opening Ceremony: My Thoughts

Yesterday, over 1 billion viewers witnessed the amazing coverage by the BBC from their living rooms. It was the day millions of people (including me) had waited for. The London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

There were many mysteries though. Like, where’s the cauldron? Who will finally light it? What will it look like? How will it be lit? Does the Queen want to light it?

The coverage started at 9:00PM UK time and ended at about 12:30AM. It was quite a lengthy ceremony, but that was the most fun. It was something you had to watch in glorious high definition as the normal standard definition was not going to give you the feeling of being there.

 It all started with a cinematic live play about Great Britain from the beginning. We saw what it was like years and years ago and through the Industrial Revolution with Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We saw how music had changed and everything of the like! Truly inspiring. Well done to everyone who took part!

Over 204 countries were represented and each country was in the spotlight as they came in. They each brought in a copper petal. At first we didn’t know what this was. Was it a tradition or something? 

Towards the end of the broadcast, Her Majesty the Queen declared the Olympics open and we were ready to go!

At around 12:25AM, we got our answer to those metal petals, as we got our first sighting of the cauldron. If you didn’t know, the cauldron was to be lit by the last Olympic torch and will  remain lit for the rest of the Olympics. The copper petals were part of the cauldron! The cauldron itself was lit by 6 young athletes – inspiring a generation.

And what a sight it was. It was spellbinding. Truly magical and something that will be a part of history. The cauldron was lit on the ground and it carefully closed upwards, symbolising unity.

I think the organisers have done an amazing job and hope the closing ceremony will be just the same!

Each participating country will be allowed to take a petal home as a souvenir 😉

– Mr Fun



7 comments on “London Olympics Opening Ceremony: My Thoughts

  1. It was awsome. I have stayed less then 3 miles from the Olympic village. This is the 3rd time London has hosted the Games. And the Queen…. how much fun can one say about the Queen and Royal family. That entry … Bond…. and Queen… epic!!!!! The Royals are truely trying to “bond” with the natives. How much money and how much time (6- years) … all the volunteers on that floor… The Brits spared no expense given their proud heritage and the recession. And how wonderful to capitolize on an area in the east end that needed redeveloping.

    It was late when it concluded and the Queen looked it. LOL I love London! God Save the Queen.

    I am going to start payng attention now to competitions.

    Look out … I am very competitive! hahahahah

    You are so lucky to live in London xMrF!!!

    • How could I forget the Bond scene?

      That was really unexpected. I really liked it! Very good editing on their part for making it look like the Queen did that jump!

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