My Results

I posted my last post a week ago and it feels like only yesterday..

I recently got my results for the course I have been doing for the past year. Suffice to say that I really proud of my achievement as I got a “D*” or “Distinction * “! I should tell you what the course was about. I have been studying an ICT course where we learnt about inside the computer, about the computer, how the computer is used in business, how we can store data accurately in Excel and Access and more.

There were a series of 7 assignments (mini exam type things that can be done at home and school) and each assignment is graded with PMD. Thats; Pass, Merit and Distinction. Pass is having a basic understanding of the unit. Merit is a bit more than that and Distinction is having total knowledge and justifications. The more of one you have, overall you will get a good result. So I had 7 Distinctions so overall I got Distinction*.

I tried my hardest to get the highest possible marks this year and it was totally worth it! Distinction* is the highest possible mark in the course :P)


As much as I’m proud about my result, I am also proud to see how my blog is performing. I have seen a growing number of visiters to my blog for my iOS 6 post. I am so passionate about Apple and it’s software and it is great to see people really appriciating my hard work! Yeah, it’s just taking screen grabs, adding text and posting it – but it’s alot harder to keep up with it than it looks!

So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is visiting, even for that one post. Thank you.

– Mr F


15 comments on “My Results

  1. Congrats. You are one smart cookie.

    I liked your map before. I could see who was on in each country. I can’t see that anymore.

    The feed back on the new phone (Apple of course) was, no person could plug in with ear buds etc. , as the plugs had changed. That is what you call… capitalism.

  2. My Bad! I see it now. The image just is different and takes a little brain work to find. Yes indeed, you have a diverse following. You rule. 🙂 Vous êtes au sommet de votre classe!

  3. OM…. goodness. Your following is just epic! How did a little CP blogger get such a dedicated fan base? I stand in shock and awe. The map is just a-light! OMG. Wouldn’t it be grand if they all would take the next step and comment? However, they are here and ‘plugged in”. You are the leader.

  4. Next time I am in London…. I am going to call you… I will post a billboard….

    Calling you XMrFunguin…. and then your real name…. 2fun 2 imagine.

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