I wanted to take the opportunity to just give you an update on whats happening and stuff:)

I’ve started the second part to my IT course at school and it’s a lot harder than last year. I actually miss how easy last year was. I’ll hopefully pull through ok this year too. Fingers crossed! My timetable is very different from last year. I finish school really late sometimes and don’t get a chance to do a lot when I get home. That sucks.

It’s been nearly 5 months since I gave Imagine A World a revamped design and I’m still looking for ways to improve it. I don’t think I will go back to using an image as my header for a while. I prefer to use text to describe the site (thoughts?). 

iPhone 5 and EarPod

I had a chance to visit my local Apple Store recently and I saw the iPhone 5. On first blush, it looked weird because of it’s elongated screen, but it’s actually really nice to hold. The screen gives you more space to breathe and the design of the iPhone 5 is really nice. I prefer the white version ;). I wont be buying the iPhone 5 or the 5S. We will see about the iPhone 6 though haha. Buying Apple products is a really expensive hobby.

Talking about Apple, it might seem weird, but I actually spent money to buy the new EarPods. I got them from the Apple Store for just £25.00. I know I could get better headphones for the same price but I wanted to see these strange new earphones and see how they perform. Their shape is very different and ‘pod’ shaped. I really like the name “EarPods”, but I heard people don’t really like it. The EarPods are really awesome and are MUCH better than the old earbuds. The bass is really good and I’m really using them everyday. I’m not a fan of over ear headphones because they can get in the way and can be expensive, and these are just right. They fit well in the ear too. 

I don’t know what else to write about. Apart from the fact I’m looking for a part time job and McDonalds is really tasty these days. I also watched Mamma Mia the other day as it was on TV. It’s a really awesome movie and anyone who has not watched it, should. Its a really uplifting movie!

More posts soon!

– Mr F

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8 comments on “Stuff.

  1. Hey! Nice to catch up on your life! Seems like you have really bright future ahead! Yes, I hope your schooling is successful! I too like the iPhone 5, it’s so light and elegant! I purchased the new earbuds; in fact I’m using them right now! Much better quality! And same here, with the 4S already in my pocket, I probably won’t get another iPhone until iPhone 6. Hey also I have a question; do you like one direction? They’re from your region so… Just wondering!

    • Oh wow, I forgot to mention the EarPods. I bought them too that day and they are really good. I updated my post about the EarPods.
      I think we could be very good Apple friends in real life! Haha.

      I like One Direction, but I don’t listen to their songs alot.

  2. You are applying for a MickyD job? Well I ate at a MickeyD site in London. It was on the way to Baker St, .. was it across from Hyde Park? Idn ,,,,, it was so full due to being lunch hour… but we stood in line, got our food and went down stairs and ate.

    One Direction is performing soon …not sure it I am on-board. A tad to many little ppl SCREAMING! LOL…. nope I am beyond that.

    So good to see you and Oiler!

  3. I am always confused. hhaa

    Does the phrase “I go a little more to show you” mean anything to you?

    Are you watching for the new iPad mini? I am sure you are. 🙂

  4. Haha. iPad Mini. It’s a nice device for those who want small tablets. But for me, I prefer the full 10-Inch experience. I plan on working as an Apple genius/store leader. You know, when they see my expertise in Apple, I’d probably be nominated for being the next CEO 😉

  5. Oh and don’t worry Mr. Funguin, I’d hire you for Senior Vice President of Toilets!
    HAHA just kidding you’re of the smartest, I’d make you Senior Vice President of Everything. I stay CEO. 🙂

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