The Instagram Effect


I’m a huge fan of social networks. I use Facebook, WordPress (duh), Twitter and Instagram.

Even thought I use these on a daily basis, I wouldn’t say that I’m ”addicted” to them. They are just part of my interests and I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to – usually, they are doing something better than me.

Recently, Instagram changed their terms of service which translated to the fact that Instagram is allow to sell your photos other companies. This created a HUGE problem with people deleting their accounts, deleting their photos or just stop using Instagram altogether.

But what is the point of Instagram in the first place?

Some would say that it’s like twitter, only for photos. That’s true to some extent.

You can post photos to Instagram but you can also change the image using filters. These are like layers that you add to the image to change the look.

Is there a need for these filters?
Yes. Yes there is. Filters can make your photos interesting and fun to look at. They enhance the look, if you will.

At the same time, they ruin beautiful pictures that simply have to be seen in raw to be appreciated.

If you don’t like Instagram, don’t use it.

– Mr F

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2 comments on “The Instagram Effect

  1. Hey! Well, due to the backlash of the Terms of Service, Instagram reverted and backed out of the changes. So the Terms of Service problem has been settled as they have not been changed.

    And follow me on Instagram: @pictureflex

    I follow back #funguin 😉

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