About Imagine

Welcome to the amazing world of Imagine A World.

I’m Mr Fun. I’m young, open minded, creative, smart and I’m a keen blogger. I’m also just plain awesome.

This is my blog where I will posting posts to do with life and the world. Ofcourse, all good things begin with imagination. This blog is just the perfect place for you to imagine my world.

Here is a little Fact File about me. From this you can just about imagine me, your blogger 😉

Who’s Mr Fun?

I used to play a cool game called ‘Club Penguin’ and my username on there was “Mr Funguin”. I became quite well known as Mr Funguin and even had a successful blog about Club Penguin. Since then, I decided that the name should live on and I’m still using it today. I don’t know when I will stop using it but for now, it’s fun.

Real Life:

  • Name: Not sure about telling you yet. Some of you know it, Keep it a secret!
  • Age: 18
  • Country: England, UK
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: April
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Dark brown

About me

  • Geek with a capital G.
  • I like to draw, blog and play video games.
  • Email thing: You can not contact me via email at this time.
  • I  like hanging around with my friends. Mrs Funguin (Yes she is a real person) is a good friend too.


  • Video Game: Call of Duty
  • Food: Italian Pasta…/Indian/Chinese/British..
  • Sweets: Anything thats nice and lasts long in the mouth lol.
  • Colour: Yellow/Blue
  • Website: YouTube
  • Word: YAY!
  • Drink: Anything that’s made with fruit. Natural fruit. Healthy me! Sometimes fizzy pop.
  • Movie: It changes all the time.
  • Mobile Phone: iPhone 4S


  • Bossy people
  • People with no sense of humour lol
  • When things go wrong
  • People who spam on my blogs!
  • Spiders
  • Cold weather (But that’s always the case in the UK..)

If you want to tell us about yourself, head over the ”You” page and give us a speech.

Let’s imagine a world.

46 comments on “About Imagine

  1. Hey mr fun sorry i have not said alot but your sight rocks!!! I was in another state when you commented. Well see u on cp

  2. James Blunt’s song, You’re Beautiful? I heard that song on the radio in my family’s car! I hate it!!!!!!!

  3. heyy! i think i know you real name! im not going to say it though. its on your youtube channel. id take it off if i were you.

  4. If you want a good header i would say paint.net is the best program to make one. I know mr fun’s name as well but it would be lame if everyone knew his name. It would be like a fairly odd parents without any fairy god parents, or a samuel siddsall instead of spongebob squarepants! get what i mean, things wouldn’t be the same!

    Wow that was a long comment!

  5. Lol. Mr F, How’s it you get soooo many hits? I’ve done mine for 7 months. 14,000 hits.

    And do you have any Coin Codes, from England?


  6. Yay!!! Happy Birthday to you! LOOK you have over 12,000 hits on your birthday. May you have many more of both, birthdays and hits.

  7. Happy birthday. Now here’s an embarrassing moment for you- a stupid song- Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Mr Funguin! Happy birthday to you!

  8. Haha, fizzy pop! LOL. No offence, not making fun of you or anything, but I have never heard anyone call it that. Here, in the US, at least where I live, its “Coke”

  9. Eee you cheeky monkey I should jolly well think so!” Gawd blimey mate I can hear your accent.

    You should be chuffed to bits that you are so cool!

    Pip Pip and all. 😉

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