Let’s Pretend

Welcome to ”Lets Pretend”.

Here we are going to play a fun game. Here’s how it goes.

One person will give a scenerio, and the next person will give a creative response as to how he would overcome that scenario.

For example:

Commenter 1: I was walking through the woods one day when I saw a big bear coming towards me.
Comment 2: I took the bear by its hand and made him my friend.
Then I came across a man name Edward.
Commenter 3: Edward seemed nice and we soon became friends. Here is a few things we did together: ….

You get the idea. The whole thing will eventually turn into a story. Not just any old story! A story with no end and no perfect routes.

So come on!, Let’s Pretend.

13 comments on “Let’s Pretend

  1. My goodness, we seem to have a lapse in time and memory. 2funny
    We have two bathroom or restroom calls and one tree.

    While the bear was running to the restroom also known as a bathroom, he walked into it and crashed and the restroom aka bathroom crashed around him. Edward showed up just in time to . . .

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