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We’re leaning how to make websites and school, and for our assignment, we had to make our own website. We don’t have to host it online or anything, but its fun none-the-less.

We could make a website about anything – but we had to use the website language called “HTML”. We were allowed to do our own research and add more languages such as PHP, JavaScript and JQuery.

There was no limit on what the website should be about.

Being the Apple fan and technology person that I am, I chose to create a website with both of these in mind.

The name of my website is “Pear”. That’s right – Pear. The complete opposite of Apple.

It has a stunning resemblance to the Apple website but everything is ”Peared” up. Take a look at this picture of my website’s homepage:


I hope you can see how amazingly close it looks to the Apple website. That picture is of the ‘PearPad’ product. I made it myself in Paint, and enhanced it in PhotoShop.

It was a fun project and my teacher loved it as much as I did. He thought it was ”clever”.

– Mr F