Job Spot


You might have thought my dream job would be working at an Apple retail store. You couldn’t be more right.

It’s true. I’ve applied many times for a role at my local Apple store but to no avail. It seems they don’t want know-it-alls just yet.

Finally, a job offer was posted at my college which I quickly put my name down for. It’s for a local security person during local events. It’s a “flexitime” job which means you can work at times that suit you.

I’m not entirely sure what the role is about because it was a short and snappy ad. I could do with any job at this point! Id also like to refrain from mentioning the organisations name for now.

Nevertheless, A few of my classmates and myself put our names down for this job on Wednesday and on Friday I received a letter inviting me to an initial meeting where things such as available times, what’s expected of me and what the role is about will be discussed.

20130325-112325 PM.jpg

I’m so excited for this role and I really hope I can get it! It will be really nice to be doing something in my spare time!
The meeting will take place at noon on the 28th of March 🙂

I hope you guys will wish me luck!
I will make a follow up post by the weekend 🙂

Mr F