iOS 7 Beta 2 Features


Last updated at 8:00PM GMT 25/06/2013

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Please note that I will update this post with pictures as features are discovered.


Apple has seeded iOS 7 beta 2 to developers. Here is the list of changes and improvements. Registered developers can download the update over the air (OTA) or through the developer portal.


In Messages, you can swipe a message balloon to the left and see timestamps!


The Voice Memos app is present and has a new look


The new male and female Siri voices are available in English (US)


The Do Not Disturb moon icon is light grey instead of white in the status bar


The ‘Reduce Motion’ option in settings has been renamed to ‘Parallax’


You can choose a ‘Flag Style’ for messages in Mail – Colour or shape


The ‘Wish list’ option in the App Store is now functional


Lockscreen of iPad


Homescreen of iPad


Notification Centre runs full screen on the iPad


Siri runs full screen on the iPad instead of running in a small segment of the screen



  • Beta 2 is also available for iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation and iPad mini
  • New smoother experience in the Messages app – less stutter when sending messages and also new sending animation
  • Improvements have been made to the speed of accessing Siri
  • Improvements to the boot up of device
  • After updating, you are asked to confirm iCloud details
  • After updating, you are asked to confirm iMessage and FaceTime details. An explaination of these services is also given
  • After updating, you have the option to set a passcode, from this setup screen
  • The Clock app icon in ‘Control Center’ does not have a black background on it anymore. It is just a transparent shape now
  • The colour of folders matches wallpaper colour scheme
  • Status bar icons are no longer larger on the lockscreen, and then smaller on the home screen
  • Large Apple logo on iPad when booting up (looks just a bit smaller than the Apple logo on the metal casing of the iPad)
  • Do Not Disturb seems to be working as it should now
  • Updated Twitter and Facebook icon in Settings
  • You can access the camera on the lockscreen of iPad
  • Slideshow button has been removed from the lockscreen of iPad
  • Double notifications have been fixed
  • The white metal grate wallpaper has been removed
  • Playback controls are larger in Control Center and on the lock screen
  • Searching in Spotlight is faster and more instant
  • Maps has been fixed with performance and UI improvements
  • Greater parallax has been enabled on the multitasking screen
  • Reminders app has slight redesign
  • New icon in bottom right hand corner of weather app shows all weather at a glance (previously the only way was to pinch out)
  • The lock screen album art has been fixed on iPhone 4 and 4S
  • If you open Siri and swipe down at start, you can see the last thing you said to Siri
  • ‘Slide to view’ is always present on the lockscreen for a notification
  • HDR is available for iPad 3rd and 4th generations in Camera
  • In photos, you can pinch to open and close specific photos and videos. When fully zoomed out, the pinch to close will work. The photo can be rotated during the pinch, but has no effect other than being a visual enhancement.
  • In settings, you can turn on or off ‘Traffic Conditions’ for Notification Center


N.B: The term ‘limitation’ refers to something that Apple has chosen to disallow the user from doing such as customising Control Centre.

  • The default icons have not been updated in any way in this beta
  • iPad keeps requesting user to sign in to iCloud
  • Mute icon or Orientation Lock icon does not appear in Control Center when you have one selected in Settings
  • Multitasking is slow and sometimes unresponsive
  • Camera app crashes
  • The “Now Playing” text does not fit in the corner in the Music app. It is displayed as:  “N…g” on some installs
  • Can not customise Control Centre toggles
  • Touch screen becomes unresponsive, even after hard resets
  • A second status bar is always visible on the top edge of iPad, no matter what orientation you are in
  • Occasionally the time and date on the lock screen will move down to the center of the lock screen

Please keep checking back for updates! If you would like to see an image of a feature, please comment below. If you would like to add something to the list, again, please comment! Thank you!

WWDC 2013: What to Expect

Today, Apple announced WWDC 2013.


This is an Apple focused annual event where developers can come in and see the latest innovations in Apple software.

This year’s WWDC will be held from june 10th to 14th in San Francisco.

WWDC has been known for iOS announcements, iPhone announcements (iPhone 4 and earlier) and OS X announcements.

This year hasn’t been great for Apple. It’s been pretty good in sales, but we never heard from Apple since October 2012 – which ironically, was exactly 6 months ago.

What can we expect this year?


The latest version of OS X is expected to be announced. if you didn’t know, OS X 10.9 has been seen in some report logs in the past weeks.The version will be called “10.9” but we are unsure of the name Apple might give it. Apple usually goes for Cat names; last years being “Mountain Lion”.

What can we expect from 10.9? Here are a few of my predictions:

  • Siri – We are expecting the virtual assistant to make its way to the Mac in one form or the other. Whether or not it’s full blown Siri is yet to be seen. 
  • Further UI improvements – Duh. Pretty OS looks pretty 😛
  • iLife and iWork suite update – Newer versions would be great!


We will no doubt see the latest version of iOS and that is iOS 7. We are expecting it to be amazing and a fresh experience compared to what we have right now. The invite shows a colourful background, which might hint that iOS is going to get an overhaul. Maybe it will have some new life. Who knows.

This ‘fresh’ feeling could come from widgets or some liveliness in the home screen. iPhone 5 gave Apple more space to play with, so we should expect Apple to utilise this extra space and make iOS more appealing! I love my iOS devices, but I want something cool to keep me interested. Samsung seems to be ahead of the game here, even though many of their features are gimmicks and Apple just gives you what you need.

Here are some of my predictions:

  • More Siri improvements – Siri can open apps and all, but why doesn’t she/he read out answers too?
  • Widgets – If not widgets, then something to keep me using Notification Centre.
  • Camera improvements – Let me change some more settings.. please Apple..
  • “Live Wallpapers” – Thats Google’s term, but should our wallpapers stay static? Understand if this doesn’t happen because of battery drainage.. blah blah..
  • Safari improvements – Why does’t the “best browser on a phone” have a unified search bar? Chrome for iOS has executed it fine, so can Safari. Apple will find a way to do it elegantly!
  • Reworked weather App – The new Yahoo! Weather app is amazing. Time to take some inspiration from there me thinks.
  • Do Not Disturb – When this is “on”, it lets notifications keep the LCD off, but what if I don’t want to be disturbed while using the phone? Please!

*You can expect to see full iOS 7 coverage with all beta features here on Imagine A World, just like iOS 6 last year!!*


The invite for this years WWDC has a reflection which looks like Roman numerals. Those numerals actually say “2013” but when you think of Roman numerals, doesn’t a watch or clock come to mind? And a square image with colours around it is sort of what it might be like.

Is Apple hinting at a smart watch? We can’t say for sure, but we know Tim Cook has hinted at it a little. We will see!

An “iWatch” isn’t really appealing to me at this point, and its not something I would want to own right now. My phone and my watch are two different things, and I use them both for different reasons. I don’t want my watch talking to my phone and vice versa. Seems really cool, but not for me right now.

What not to expect

Don’t expect any new hardware. Apple has already done all that. New Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads were announced and released during the fourth quarter of 2012. Expect new products as we get closer to the fall!

What are you most looking forward to? (if anything)

– Mr F